Run! Sony HT-S20R soundbar at its lowest price

This is a model that has a sound bar, as well as two satellite speakers in the back and a wireless subwoofer so that you can enjoy the best acoustic landscape with which to enjoy your favorite movies and series.

All thanks to the 36 percent discount on Amazon, so you can buy the Sony HT-S20R and save 90.64 euros in one of the best sound bars you can buy for under 300 euros.

Sony HT-S20R soundbar design

Some very interesting features

At the aesthetic level we find a traditional cut model. Saying that its dimensions of 76 x 5 x 8 cm make it clear that it is a large product, so it is perfect to mount on a Smart TV between 49 and 75 inches without major problems. In addition, its 400W power will be more than enough for the sound to reach the last corner of the room where you have installed it, regardless of its size.

To this we must add the different technologies that it incorporates, so that you enjoy quality sound. To begin with, and as you can see in the different images that accompany this article, This sale Sony HT-S20R sound bar is a sound set consisting of the bar, a subwoofer and two speakers.

In this way, you can enjoy a real 5.1 sound so that the feeling of immersion when watching any movie or series is simply impressive. And considering that it has Dolby Digital technology, it is clear that the acoustic landscape will live up to expectations.

Sony HT-S20R soundbar in front

You will control this soundbar with the remote of the TV

You may be concerned about the difficulty when installing a piece of equipment from this equipment. Well, you know that you can be very calm, since it is really easy to install. In this way, in a few minutes you will have the rear speakers and the subwoofer synchronized to your soundbar to have a real surround sound.

How could it be otherwise, this sound bar on Amazon has bluetooth connectivity, so you will be able to send all kinds of songs from your phone or tablet in the most comfortable way. The icing on the cake is the fact that This sound set has HDMI ARC connectivity.

This results in that, If you connect the Sony HT-S20R to your Smart TV using this port, you can control the volume through the remote of your TV, instead of having to use the remote that comes with the set. As we have told you, a very complete product that will not disappoint you, so do not miss this unique opportunity.

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