Run! Retro Game & Watch Console: Super Mario Bros on sale

We talk about the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros, a retro console that will allow you to enjoy one of the great glories of video game history: the first Mario Bros. games. And considering that now you can get this gadget at a bargain price, it is a bargain that you should not leave escape.

Say that we are facing a Amazon offer for Blue Monday that you cannot miss. Mainly because it has a 28% discount so you can enjoy the adventures of Mario Bros wherever you want.

Retro Game & Watch console: Super Mario Bros

A retro console to take you wherever you want

To say that one of the most remarkable elements of this retro-style console is its small size. The company behind its development, Nintendo, wanted to offer a gadget that you can take wherever you want. All thanks to really restrained dimensions (it measures only 16 x 9 x 2.2 cm), in addition to a 150 gram weight so that you don’t even notice that you have the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros on you.

On the other hand, and as you can see in the different images that accompany this article, we are facing a console that offers an aspect that many of us remember. More than anything because it is traced to command of the NES, or rather the FamiCon, since it is the command that came with the Nintendo console for the Japanese market.

Evidently it is adapted to be used as a portable console, hence it has a screen in the center. But the button system and the color palette used will allow us to remember those afternoons by destroying our thumbs with our friends while we played our favorite games.

Simply a console that reminds us of those original Game & Watch that swept through the 80s so that we can return to the best moments of our childhood. And above all at a scandal price.

Retro Game & Watch console: Super Mario Bros on the table

3 games in one

On the other hand, it should be noted that this retro console comes with three different games: the Original Mario Bros, the Super Mario Bros Lost Levels (a very complicated version for lovers of challenges), in addition to the emblematic title Ball. To further improve your chances, you can sting with your friends in two player mode. You will go through the console to see who gets the most score.

And beware, this retro console also has a clock function, so you will not be without options precisely. You still think the clock is silly, but considering that comes with 35 animations to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, the thing changes. Undoubtedly, a perfect gift for lovers of retro, and that will allow you to enjoy some of the games that have marked us the most in childhood.

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