‘Rugrats, Adventures in Diapers’ celebrates 30 years with new series

30 years ago the animated children’s series was released Rugrats, diaper adventures. The story of the antics of Tommy, Carlitos, Susie, Angélica, Fili and Lili returns to the screen in 3D format to celebrate their anniversary. Discover all the details of this new production.

Rugrats diaper adventures return in 3D series.

Rugrats: Adventures in Diapers was the longest series aired by Nickelodeon, until 2012 which was surpassed by sponge Bob. It ran for thirteen years on the air, with nine seasons and 172 episodes –which were broadcast between 1991 and 2004–, in addition to the tapes Rugrats: The Movie Y Rugrats in Paris, which you can enjoy in buying and selling in Claro video, because you still #TienesMuchoQueVer.

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New series of Rugrats, diaper adventures

This funny cartoon accompanied a whole generation of children, were you one of them? If so, you will surely be thrilled to know that the baby characters are back on screen, now in a new 3D version.

This is the reboot of the original Nickelodeon series, although this time Tommy Pickles, Carlitos Finster and their friends are in search of a treasure.

In the first episode, as the younger children take a walk around town to a dinosaur park, Angelica plays a prank on Grandpa Pickles’ cell phone dating app.

The series was already released in the United States on May 27 and is expected to arrive in Latin America soon. Best of all, you can watch it with your subscription to Paramount + through Claro video charged to your Telcel line.

Are you ready to see your favorite characters from Rugrats, diaper adventures again?

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