Rosalía will be The Weeknd’s first surprise guest on Super Sunday

Less and less is missing for the long-awaited Super Sunday, where not only is a great matchup between Tampa Bay VS Kansas City expected; but also the halftime show, which is already a tradition and this time will be in charge of The Weeknd. But new rumors suggest that the Canadian will not be alone and could have as a guest Rosalia.

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Rosalía video With Height

Rosalía, the first Spanish artist on Super Domingo

The singer, with only a few years of experience, has achieved great success around the world and has been recognized as one of the greatest Spanish representatives of all time. Among his successes are With Height, Badly Y Me x You, You x Me.

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There is still no official confirmation of his participation with The Weeknd, But rumors have it that the 27-year-old singer could perform to perform the remix of Blinding Lights, on which they worked and released together in 2020.

Rosalía and The Weeknd at the Super Bowl halftime show
Photo: Instagram @theweeknd

In addition, if the rumors were true, Rosalía would become the first Spanish woman to appear at the halftime show and the second artist from the same country to achieve the same, since Enrique Iglesias was part of Super Sunday in 2020.

Blinding Lights was the most listened song of 2020

The participation of Rosalia would be the perfect complement, even more so considering that Blinding Lights from The Weeknd Along with the Spanish one, it was one of the most listened to songs in the world in 2020; which makes it clear that success cannot be lacking in the halftime show. The best of all is that you can go rehearsing the songs of the playlist that Clear music has for you.

It won’t be until Sunday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m. that we know all the surprises prepared for Super Sunday. An event that you can enjoy on Fox Sports by hiring it with a charge to your Telcel bill through Claro video. In addition, you can accompany this great day with the best KFC flavor with CírculoAzul Telcel, which gives you a coupon to get 10 Pieces + Family Puree + 2 Original Biscuits for $ 212. Get your coupon here!

Blinding Lights The Weeknd

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Not to mention that, The Weeknd He has confessed that he has spent around 7 million dollars out of pocket to make the show as I envision it. So we have no doubt that great surprises are yet to come. 😱

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