Roomba robot vacuum cleaner on offer with a discount of 150 euros

One of the most complete models of the iRobot firm is the one that you can get in promotion and in this way avoid having to constantly sweep the floor at home. In addition, the accessory we are talking about is compatible with different voice assistants. So you will not have to do anything complicated to start with your work or to establish a schedule to perform on a daily basis. The truth is that there are many virtues that the device has, that it has a good quality finish and with a circular shape as is usual in this type of product.

Black Roomba 671 vacuum cleaner

With a height of less than 10 centimeters, which allows it to do its job even under armchairs and beds, this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner has compatibility with Wifi. This allows you to manage any detail with your application (free for both iOS as for Android) from anywhere you are and have Internet access. So, for example, they can start a sweeping process from the cinema if you need it or even for the one that is active just before arriving home with guests.

Get this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner on sale

To achieve this you simply have to enter Amazon and check that right now you can get this model with a 43% discount. Quite a bargain, since you only pay 199 euros, an almost ridiculous price for a quality and very complete robot vacuum cleaner. We leave the purchase link where you do not have to pay anything for shipping if you have a Prime account to get this model that includes Artificial Intelligence to learn the habits you have and adapt to them so as not to ever disturb you.

Things in which this accessory stands out

Apart from mapping the house where you work so that optimal operation is always obtained and that the return to the charging station is automatic, it should be noted that this Roomba 671 has several working modes that make it adapt to different types of surfaces, so the rugs don’t choke you at all. In addition, it uses technology Dirt Detect, so it knows exactly the dirt that is in its path and adapts its power so that it never leaves anything behind.

Operation of the Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner

In what has to do with the noise that this Roomba robot vacuum cleaner makes when it works, it must be said that it stays in only 58 dB, so it is not exactly very annoying. Besides, this vacuum cleaner does not lack the use of HEPA filters, which is positive for allergy sufferers and their suction power is high enough like so that you can even remove popcorn and the like.

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