Roomba e5154 robot vacuum cleaner on offer at an unbeatable price

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, there is no doubt that the Roomba and Conga families are the two most popular. In this case, the manufacturer iRobot has more than 30 years of experience in robotics, which offers great guarantees when buying one of its robots. On this occasion, the Roomba e5154 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a cleaning system in three phases.

A great cleaning result

To do this, use two multi-surface rubber brushes and it has a great suction power, which also makes it one of the best robot vacuum cleaners to eliminate pet hair. However, one of the great virtues of Roomba robot vacuum cleaners is that it has the ability to map our home to perfection and plan the most efficient and fastest route for the best possible cleaning result.

robot vacuum cleaner roomba e5154 frontal

In addition, they are able to learn from our cleaning routines to make us personalized suggestions to automatically schedule cleanings or suggest times when our house needs more frequent cleaning, such as in time of shedding our pets’ hair or in allergy season.

Thanks to Dirt Detect technology, this Roomba e5154 is capable of detect the dirtiest areas of the floor, such as transit areas, to perform a much more thorough cleaning in that area. As if that were not enough, this model offers compatibility with Google and Alexa voice assistants, which allows us to send certain commands to the robot itself with our voice to start cleaning the day, stop or return to the base.

Big discount for the Roomba e5154 robot vacuum cleaner

The official price of this complete robot vacuum cleaner is higher than 400 euros, but the truth is that now it is possible to get it at a greatly reduced price. The offer is found on Amazon, where the starting price is already below its official price and part of the 338 euros. Even so, the online shopping giant has applied a additional discount of 16%, which represents a saving of almost another 55 euros on your purchase.

roomba e5154 accessories

In this way, it is possible to buy the Roomba e5154 robot vacuum cleaner at final price of 284 euros. An irresistible offer that is only available for a limited time, since it ends in a few days and that offers free shipping to customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. The product is sold and shipped by Amazon and offers a delivery time of just one week, so you can order as soon as possible so that the promotion does not end and in just a few days you will have it at home.

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