Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner at almost half the price

When we talk about robot vacuum cleaners, there is no doubt that the most popular and demanded are the Roomba from the manufacturer iRobot. And it is that the company has more than 30 years of experience behind it on robotics and innovation. That makes the Roomba have a great reputation, and deserved it, since they offer great cleaning results, but they are also capable of much more intelligent and effective navigation than other competing models. Now, in many cases, the investment that we have to make if we want a Roomba is also going to be greater. Unless we take advantage of an offer like the one shown below and that allows us to get this model of robot vacuum cleaner at an irresistible price.

Perfect floors in the most efficient way

The model in question is the Roomba 671, a connected model capable of cleaning all types of floors and that is also compatible with voice assistants to be able to send certain commands to the robot with our own voice. Specifically, the model on offer has a three-stage cleaning system to trap dirt, dust or any debris that is on the floor.

A robot vacuum cleaner that is capable of learn from our cleaning habits and schedules that best adapt to our rhythm of life and even suggest certain extra cleanings at certain times of the year such as the time of allergies or the time when our pet sheds its hair.

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 671 sensors

It is equipped with two multi-surface brushes that are capable of trapping and sucking up food scraps to the smallest dust particles regardless of the type of flooring, carpets or hard wooden or ceramic floors.

But if there is something to highlight about this Roomba 671 is its smart and adaptive navigation. To do this, the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a set of sensors that allow it to map our house very exactly in order to calculate the fastest and most efficient route for perfect cleaning. In addition, these sensors allow you to detect certain risks such as stairs or balconies and thus avoid any accidental fall.

It also has the Dirt Detect technology, which allows detecting those areas of the floor with more embedded dirt, such as areas with greater passage, to emphasize the deeper cleaning of those areas.

Incredible discount for the Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner

The Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner has an official or recommended price of 349 euros, however, now it is possible to get it at a much lower price thanks to the discount applied by Amazon on this model. Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied 45%, which represents a savings of almost 160 euros when buying this robot.

Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 671 frontal

In this way, the final price is set at 191.95 euros, a price that makes it one of the best robot vacuum cleaners below 400 euros. It is a product sold and shipped by Amazon with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers and offers a delivery time of one week.

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