Rolling PC Stands

In this way, we will be able to move the CPU easily and quickly without having to carry it around in your arms and without having to drag it on the ground. It is a support with space and resistance to place the computer tower and that includes wheels at the bottom for a easy CPU handling. Of course, we always have to count on the limitations of the length of the cables when wanting to move it from one side to the other.

When choosing a PC holder with wheels, it is important to make sure that it is a support in which our tower fits. That is to say, that it has measures greater than the base of our CPU to be able to support it correctly. There are some models extensible, that is, they adapt to different sizes easily so that they fit perfectly.

Of course, the design and material What it is made of is another aspect to look at. This allows us to choose a model that suits our desk and blends in with the rest of the furniture. In this case, we can find supports with wheels for the computer made of plastic of various colors, metal or even wood.

Last but not least, the budget that we have will also influence the model to choose. Although as we are going to see below, it is not an accessory that has a high price, so we can easily choose the one that we like the most and that suits our needs.

PC stands with wheels


PC holder with four rotating wheels that allows the size of the base to be adjusted to adapt to the different measurements of the CPUs. Made of high quality ABS and aluminum to offer great capacity and load resistance. Easy assembly and has a brake on the wheels for when we want to leave it fixed in a certain place.

Adromy PC Support


Cart or stand for the computer with wheels compatible with the vast majority of CPU manufacturers and models. It allows to adjust the width between 145 mm and 242 mm, it has four swivel wheels to move the PC from one side to the other easily without lifting it and it is made of plastic and aluminum. It offers great resistance, and has a brake on two of its wheels.

TronicXL PC holder


This time, it is a computer stand with wheels with a basic and simple design made of wood. It is adjustable to various sizes, allowing it to accommodate most ATX boxes on the market. It has four swivel wheels that make it very easy to use the computer and offer great stability. The fact that it is made of a more robust material means that it can protect our equipment from any blow when we roll it.

KIRIGEN PC support

New Star

This New Star bracket is made of aluminum and has four rotating wheels. At the bottom it has two screws that allow us to adjust the base of the support to the size of the CPU so that it fits perfectly and does not move. A model that offers a resistance of up to 10 kg in weight.

New Star PC Support


With a very low profile design, we find this bracket from the manufacturer Garosa. A model that has a simple system to adjust the base of the support to that of the CPU depending on its dimensions and that has four rotating wheels with brakes to help us move the equipment or leave it fixed where we want. Supports up to 25 kg of weight.

Garosa PC Support


This Phoenix model offers a CPU support that allows an adjustment from 15 to 25.5 cm to adapt to the different measurements of the tower of our computer. It is made with a steel structure with high sides to fix the computer well and has four swivel wheels with brakes.

Phoenix PC holder

Donkey PC

This CPU mount is equipped with 5 wheels with brakes and allows an adjustment of up to 25 cm to adapt to the size of the tower. It also has protective pads to avoid scratching our CPU and a very ergonomic design that despite its great lightness, is capable of supporting a weight of up to 25 kg.

Donkey PC PC holder


This Clabematic model is a computer support made of black plastic that has four swivel wheels, two of them with brakes to be able to fix the equipment in a specific place. The elevation to the ground is about 7 cm and allows the width of the base to be adjusted between 15 and 26 cm to offer the best possible compatibility. Supports a maximum weight of 12 kg.

Clabematic PC support


Rolling CPU holder made of 100% eco-friendly and highly durable material. It has a width adjustable base to offer the maximum possible compatibility with all types of towers and four swivel wheels. Two of the wheels are equipped with brakes to be able to fix the support in the place that we want and avoid unwanted movements.

Gototop PC support


Support for the computer with wheels made of high quality and very resistant materials. It incorporates four rotating wheels to move the CPU comfortably that have a locking system so that the computer moves only when we want. The base is adjustable in width to accommodate the measurements of each computer.

Tooq PC support

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