Robot serves meals in Chinese schools to prevent Covid-19 infections

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The coronavirus pandemic prompted the creation of service robots that would reduce the risks of contagion, including in the distribution of meals

One of the main recommendations to reduce the risks of contagion of Covid-19, is to avoid any type of contact with other people. That is why different robots of service.

With them it is hoped that people can continue with their daily lives without having to be near other individuals. That is why a school in China employed a robot to serve the foods.

Robot chef

Last October, the Shanghai Minhang Experimental Secondary School resumed its activities. But to reduce the risks of contagion, a robot in the cafeteria area that is responsible for preparing and serving food.

This device measures approximately 3 meters high, has a mechanical arm with which it collects the individual dishes that are already prepared. Before lunchtime comes the robot takes care of placing them in a microwave.

Later, he places the dishes on trays that are placed on a conveyor belt so that the students can pick them up.


The robot It was donated by the catering brand Xixiang Intelligent Kitchen, and is currently in trial. But it is expected that later it can reach more schools and even companies.

“We get a lot of calls after media reports about this robotic cook and we are signing many more contracts with schools and companies in those high-tech parks,” said Shen Wei, project manager at Xixiang.

According to the latest reports, the use of service robots It has increased, as companies can use them to perform different tasks such as delivering food and beverages in restaurants and for essential functions in hospitals.

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