Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner with 30% discount at an unbeatable price

Along with mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, televisions or speakers, among others, one of the smart devices that is increasingly present in every home in the world are undoubtedly robot vacuum cleaners. And it is that the fact of leaving home to go to work and that when you return the floor of our house is perfectly clean is a real marvel. The pace of life we ​​lead today makes this type of device easier for us, hence more and more people have one. If you are looking for a complete robot vacuum cleaner without having to spend a significant amount of money, now you can get this incredible Roborock model at an unbeatable price.

The truth is that the best-known models are those of the Roomba and Conga families, but the truth is that the manufacturer Roborock has made an important niche in this difficult sector of robot vacuum cleaners by offering high-performance and high-quality equipment. On this occasion, the model that we find on offer is the Roborock S6, a powerful model capable of cleaning as efficiently and quickly as possible, and packed with a host of advanced features and technology.

Big Discount for Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The offer for this Roborock S6 robot vacuum comes to us through the Gearbest platform, where its original price is set at 585.07 euros. Now, thanks to the interesting discount applied of just over 30%, it is possible to buy it with incredible savings at a final price of 401.76 euros.

Roborock S6 Side Robot Vacuum Cleaner

And we say final since the offer includes the Free shipping With an estimated delivery time between 3 and 7 business days from shipment, which on the other hand is reported to be done in just a few days. The model on offer is in white, is shipped from Poland and has a European plug type, so we will not have any problem using it.

Very efficient cleaning with great power

The Roborock S6 is a robot vacuum cleaner that has the ability to generate maps of the floor of our house to perform the most cleaning fast and efficient possible. In addition, it allows us to tell you if we want to clean the whole house or not to enter certain rooms of the home. That is, if our children are playing in their room, we can tell the robot not to enter their room without having to put up a barrier or close the door. Something we can do from its app on our mobile phone.

This also allows us to schedule cleanings for a certain room with total comfort. Among its characteristics, it is also worth highlighting its great suction power, 2,000 Pa, as well as its large csensor set made up of an accelerometer, odometer, infrared slope sensor, compass and many more that allow you to avoid obstacles or certain dangers such as stairs and balconies.

Roborock S6 front robot vacuum cleaner

Its mapping system even allows it to distinguish between several plants and is able to distinguish in which one it is found. It also has a powerful HyperForce aspiration which makes this Roborock S6 one of the robot vacuum cleaners capable of removing pet hair on all types of surfaces, including carpets, and integrates compatibility with Alexa, which allows us to send certain commands to the robot with our own voice.

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