Robert Downey Jr. would star in the Mario movie 🍄⭐

Video game film adaptations are becoming popular, this time it will be the popular Mario who will have a new movie with the participation of Robert Downey Jr.

The studio in charge will be Illumination Entertainment that has achieved great success with titles such as My favorite villain, My favourite villain 2 Y Minions, all available with your Claro video subscription, as well as Despicable Me 3 Available for purchase or rent charged to your Telcel Invoice, because you still #TienesMuchoQueVer.

Worldwide, the distributor of the project will be Universal Pictures. It will be an animation tape, so the Robert Downey Jr. interpretation will be only with his voice in the original version.

Robert Downey Jr would star in Mario movie

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Robert Downey Jr. would join a video game universe

The video game company wants to hire popular star talent for its films, since in addition to its interest in Robert Downey Jr. for Super Mario Bros; They have also already contacted Brie Larson for a live action Princess Peach movie already Tom Holland to play Link from the Zelda saga.

mario bros movie are robert downey jr

The actor who played Iron Man for over ten years, will now join a new universe. In an official statement, they indicated that it is time to use their historic games and transform them into films.

“At this time we have already embarked on multiple projects and we are pursuing new opportunities. As we shared previously, the Super Mario Bros movie is being financed by Nintendo and Universal Pictures. We are also involved in its planning, development and production. From now on, visual content expansion initiatives will not be limited to movies. The scale of our investments will vary depending on the type of project, but we will continue to invest in these entertainment expansion initiatives to increase the number of people who have access to our characters ”, stated the company.

Robert Downey Jr would star in Mario movie

Everything indicates that the idea is to create a Cinematic Universe with its main characters, a path similar to the one that Marvel has continued with his superheroes.

Can you imagine Mario with the voice of Tony Stark?

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