Returnal comes to PlayStation 5 with its mix of action, arcade and exploration

MADRID, April 30 (2021)

The science fiction video game Return, an arcade-style ‘roguelike’ action with third-person shooter mechanics, already Is it availabe? exclusively on the console Playstation 5 (PS5), and focuses its characteristics on genre mix, exploration and replayability.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced this Friday the video game availability for PlayStation 5 in a statement sent to Europa Press, and stressed that “it takes advantage of all the new generation functions of PS5”.

The return is a third person shooter with elements of ‘roguelike’ developed by Housemarque that unifies “frenzied action” and “dark” and “cinematic” storytelling under the umbrella of the science fiction genre. According to SIE, it proposes a “unique mix of different genres” from the video game industry.

Users will play the leading role of Selene, to astronaut traveling to an alien planet called Atropos to follow a broadcast signal. There he finds some ancient ruins of a local civilization, but he will discover that it is it has been wrapped in a cycle of time.

This problem will mean an opportunity in the game and the narrative, since every time the player dies, the character will revive in the story itselfAnd till you can come across your own corpses. These contain projections of other players or diaries of the browser thanks to an “asynchronous online functionality”.

Bodies can be stolen to find items or trigger events avenge the death of one’s character. There is also Skill challenges that change daily.

The game confidence scan, and thanks to his ‘roguelike’ style, the The environments will be created procedurally. This generation will take place thanks to the collection of elements that the player must find.

Returnal is, according to the statement, a video game that advocates “replayability” in which the “variety and depth of biomes, weapons and enemies” is intended Encourage the player to try playing the title several times.

the set includes 3D Audio thanks to the DualSense controller, and aims to immerse the gamer’s hearing with a soundtrack created by the composer of the film ‘Midsommar’, Bobby Krlic. The controller will also make use of its haptic technology for triggers and fast charging.

The videogame is now available in its standard version, for a price of 79.99 euros. You can also buy the Deluxe digital edition, with some special elements, content and improvements, for 89.99 euros.

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