Republican Party criticizes Biden for giving Putin Putin’s ‘Sweet 16’ target list off-limits to cyberattacks

President Biden is under fire for giving Russian President Vladimir Putin a list of 16 critical US infrastructure sectors that should be out of reach of cyberattacks, and Republicans say the entire US should be out. of the limits.

“President Biden can’t help but point out weakness, not even by accident,” said Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas. “All of America’s critical infrastructure is out of Putin’s reach.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, tweeted: “What’s not on the list? ALL US infrastructure should be off-limits to cyberattacks. “

At his summit in Geneva on Wednesday, Biden gave the Russian leader a list of entities that should not be targeted by ransomware attacks or other hacks believed to come from Russia.

Biden warned that the United States will respond if more attacks occur.

The president’s list consists of chemical operations, commercial facilities. communications, critical manufacturing, dams, defense, EMS, energy, finance, food / agriculture, government facilities, healthcare, IT, nuclear, transportation, and water systems.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt called it Mr. Biden’s “Sweet 16” list.

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