Remember the classic Fisher Price toy? It is now a real phone!

Once again technology joins the nostalgia of thousands of people to bring back one of the most beloved toys of Fisher-Price. Its about Chatter Telephone, the phone with a smiley face known in Mexico as the “talking phone”, which will now be a real phone with the ability to make calls.

Chatter Telephone It is turning sixty years since its launch, captivating and entertaining nearly six generations of children who grew up with it. For that reason, Fisher-Price made the decision to turn it into a real phone with amazing features and that will be able to connect to a smartphone.

Fisher Price brings back the Chatter Telephone as a real phone - Blog Hola Telcel

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Fisher Price’s classic toy now returns as a real phone

The Chatter Telephone 2.0 by Fisher Price integrates Bluetooth connection to connect to any Android or iOS smartphone and thus be able to make real calls. Best of all, thanks to its numeric keys, those who acquire it will be able to dial telephone numbers from the toy.

On the other hand, if a call comes to your smartphone, you can answer through the phone as if it were a hands-free phone and by clicking on the big red button characteristic of the Chatter Telephone. In addition, it has a rechargeable battery through a USB port, which allows up to nine hours of calls and 72 hours of standby, as shared by Fisher Price.

Characteristics of the new Fisher Price Chatter Telephone.- Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Fisher Price

A phone that we all wish we had as children

If you were one of the lucky ones who had a Chatter Telephone during his childhood, you will surely remember how fun and original it was to play with it. He was even part of toy Story 3, as a nod to all the children who grew up with endearing toys like Fisher Price’s. So having it back and working like a real phone is a dream come true.

Fisher Price's classic toy phone that was part of Toy Story 3 now becomes real - Hola Telcel blog

Now if your thing is retro, then teams like the Motorola Razr 2020 that integrates current technology in an iconic folding design, it was tailor-made for you. The best of all is that you can buy it through the Telcel online store at an incredible price and enjoy the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

But if what you want is to decorate your home with the classic Fisher Price telephone, you should know that at the moment it is only available in the United States, at a cost of sixty dollars (approximately $ 1,200 Mexican pesos). So you should be attentive to if it ever arrives in Mexico!

With the new Chatter Telephone you can make and receive real calls - Hello Telcel blog

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Do you remember all those imaginary calls from when you were a kid? Now they will be real thanks to technology and Fisher Price! 😊

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