Reduced Amazfit smartwatch that you can buy for less than 90 euros

The model we are talking about is the Amazfit Verge, an accessory that allows you to achieve everything that is usually sought in a device of this type. An example of what we say is that this is a product that has a color screen to see everything in an appropriate way, the panel being 1.3-inch AMOLED (360 x 360 pixel resolution) to ensure there are no problems outdoors. By the way, this is a model finished in high quality plastic that has a weight below 50 grams, so it is hardly noticeable that it is being worn.

amazfit smartwatch front

One of the things that are very positive about the wearable we are talking about is that it offers the most interesting autonomy. This we say, since the combination of hardware and software allows us to reach the five days of use without the slightest problem. This, in part, is achieved because the built-in battery is 390 mAh. Another thing to know is that this model is synchronized by Bluetooth to phones, so we are talking about an Amazfit smartwatch that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Good accessory for sports lovers

We say this, since, among other things, all the sensors that are needed for physical activity to be properly recognized. An example is a three-axis accelerometer and, also, the heart rate itself. This, combined with the integrated GPS, ensures that the effectiveness is high. It is important to indicate that this is an Amazfit smartwatch allows recognize multiple sports automatically, such as running; walk; use of elliptical; cycling; tennis; and even soccer.

Very important offer for this Amazfit smartwatch

At the moment it is possible to buy the Amazfit Verge for only 89 euros, an amount that is more than adequate and that makes it one of the most striking purchase options among the complete smartwatches on the market. This is because in the online store PcComponentes you can take advantage of a 31% discount, an excellent possibility. With shipping costs of only 3.95 euros, we leave the link purchase that you have to take advantage of.

Finally, we want to comment that this is an Amazfit smartwatch that allows you to manage the calls and notifications that arrive at the phone with which it is synchronized. In addition, it has a storage of 4GB, which can be used to store music to enjoy when you go for a walk or travel. As you can see, a very complete model that now has a very important discount, so it is an excellent purchase even as a gift for Christmas.

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