Reddit nbastreams Banned – Alternatives to Watch NBA Online 2020

Once again Reddit took a disappointing decision against their users. Right after banning SoccerStreams, CricketStreams and MmaStreams subreddit page, beloved subreddit of the NBA community under the URL /r/nbastreams has been taken down.

Those who had never visited the subreddit page, let me give a brief idea. This was a subreddit community with more than 400,000 subscribers who like to talk about basketball. But why it is banned? Is there anything wrong with talking about basketball? Not at all. But the problem was, most people use this as a medium to access and share links leading to illegal NBA live streams for free. Whenever there was an NBA game going on, hundreds of subscribers post direct or acestream links to Watch NBA Online for free. Almost all quality streaming links like 480p, 720p, 1080p was available on that page.

Definitely, this is illegal and hurts the corporates who have bought the broadcasting rights. Unlike downloadable contents, streaming links are very difficult to track down and take down. Especially acestream links which works based peer to peer basis. So the copyright holders might though that, it was a good idea to pass copyright notice against Reddit nbastreams subreddit to avoid spreading of streaming links.

Whatever the reason be, Reddit had to wait till the NBA Finals so that the subscribers can make use of the subreddit for one last season. Right after the takedown, users will only see “r/nbastreams has been banned from Reddit. This subreddit was banned under Reddit’s Repeat Copyright Infringement Policy.” error message. One funny fact is that two other leading streaming subreddits r/nflstreams and r/mlbstreams pages are still active.

Reddit nbastreams

How to Watch NBA Online for free?

#1 Reddit nbastreams Discord Channel

You already know what a discord channel is and how it works. Discord is a freeware chat application available for computers and for mobile platforms. You can use the web app so that it will work with every device that supports a web browser. Using the discord server, you can share text, images, videos, links with other embers in real-time. Nba Reddit Stream team already knew that Reddit will soon take down the subreddit. So they have already started this discord channel before the subreddit takedown.

Thanks for joining NBA Chat! We like to think that you’ve come to the best place for basketball discussion on the internet. We’ve got everything you’ll need for the ultimate basketball experience. This channel explains how things work and should help to answer most of our questions.
You can read this message in the welcome note of this discord channel. They also mention that “NBA Chat does not provide direct links to streams as they are likely to violate copyright law. However, you can access streams by going to the appropriate subreddit.” You don’t have to worry about these messages. You will definitely get what you are looking for.
Good News for Stream link searchers.
Every game has its very own text and voice channel! These open 30 minutes before game start and close 30 minutes after game finish. They’re public rooms for you to discuss the game with others in real-time! With live score updates and more, this is where you should head while multi-screening basketball.
This is where you will get the links. New channels will be open before every match. There you will find direct as well as acestream links with quality up to 1080p. Join the discord channel from below link.

#2 Free Live Sports Streams

Reddit nbastreams Banned alternative

We already have written a couple of articles about This is a free streaming website for all kind of sports including football, hockey, basketball, tennis, cricket, etc. Among these sports, cover all major tournaments like UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish League, Copa America, ice hockey with the NHL and basketball with the NBA. They use Peer 2 Peer technology for providing high-quality streams among millions of visitors. There will be comment section under every stream so that, users can share their own server links to the public. All you need to have is to create a free account on this website for accessing the comment section.

Not only live streaming but also highlights from recent games are also available on this website. Moreover, you can see the live scores of all games so that you won’t miss anything is there is any sort of interruption happens in between. For browser playbacks, you need to install flash player and for sopcast streaming, you should install sopcast software on your device.


There are much more websites and services to get live NBA games on your mobile and PC. We can’t list them at a single time. We will update this page frequently so that, you won’t miss information about new NBA streaming services. Mean While, if you know any better option than the above-mentioned services, please comment it below. It will help thousands of NBA lovers looking for quality streaming links.

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