Recommended gaming mice for a great gaming experience

A simple search on the Internet can show us a lot of models at very different prices, however, it is important to take several aspects into account before deciding on one model or another.

Important when choosing a gaming mouse

One of the most important decisions is to decide on a model with or without cables. Each offers advantages and disadvantages, but today the wireless models are practically at the same speed level as the wired models.

Sensor, speed and design

Another of the great dilemmas is the type of sensor, being able to choose between optical and laser. In this case, it will depend on the tastes of each one, as well as the level of each player and even the type of games we usually play.

In relation to the sensor, we must also talk about another important characteristic: DPI or PPP, which refers to the maximum speed of the pointer movement relative to hand movement. Without a doubt something very personal and that it is recommended that it be configurable so that each one can adjust it as they want.

The design and ergonomics It is also something that we must take into account, since prolonged use can cause some injuries if we do not have good support and position of the wrist and forearm. Another aspect of the design is the weight, something that we can adjust in many models thanks to the weights they include.

Configuration and pricing options

Configuration options or configurable elements it is something that we must also pay attention to. And it is one of the aspects that differentiate a conventional mouse from a gaming mouse. The programmable buttons They are one of the best aids that we can have to be faster and more competitive, since they allow us to configure certain actions that we can execute with a single click and that would otherwise require a much slower set of actions to execute.

It goes without saying that the budget we have will influence the gaming mouse model that we finally buy, the main objective being to choose the one that offers the best value for money based on our tastes or needs.

Gaming mice for every budget

Razer Viper Ultimate

This Razer Viper Ultimate is an ambidextrous gaming mouse, so I put it can be configured for use by a right-handed or a left-handed person indistinctly and it has a high speed transmission and low latency. It has a high precision optical sensor with 20,000 dpi and weighs 74 grams. It offers very fast clicks, no bounce deactivation and has a battery life of up to 70 hours.

Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse

Logitech G903

Logitech is one of the manufacturers that has a good number of gaming mouse models. Among all of them, this G903 is a very sophisticated sensor mouse that allows you to set the sensitivity between 100 and 25,600 dpi. It features wireless technology, low latency, and 140 hours of battery life. It has an ambidextrous design and programmable and customizable buttons.

Logitech G903 gaming mouse

Logitech G502 HERO

This G502 is another of the gaming mice to highlight from the Logitech catalog. A model with an optical sensor that offers precision up to 25,600 dpi. They have 11 programmable buttons and a super fast wheel button with two modes of use. It includes five weights of 3.6 grams each to customize the weight of the mouse and customizable RGB lighting as well.

logitech G502 gaming mouse

Razer Basilisk V2

This model is one of Razer’s gaming mice with an optical sensor and a sensitivity of up to 20,000 dpi. It has 11 programmable and customizable buttons, as well as the scroll wheel itself, which also allows you to adjust its resistance. It offers a high-speed click with no bounce deactivation and a weight of 92 grams.

razer basilisk gaming mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2

Also from Razer we have this DeathAdder, a wireless mouse with an optimal ergonomic design thanks to its comfortable and light structure and optical sensor. It offers a sensitivity of 20,000 dpi and has a Razer Speedflex cable that offers great flexibility and minimal drag to perform all kinds of movements without any resistance. Allows you to save up to 5 different configurations in memory.

gaming mouse razer deathAdder

Logitech G305

Another of Logitech’s gaming mice is this G305, a wireless, ultralight model, with a sensitivity of 12,000 dpi and six programmable buttons to create the most useful shortcuts in our favorite titles. It has built-in memory, battery up to 250 hours, optical sensor and low latency.

logitech G305 gaming mouse

Logitech G402

A wired model with an optical sensor is this Logitech G402, another of the gaming mice with a reduced weight and a large number of programmable buttons to be able to create shortcuts to use in our favorite titles. It has a built-in Fusion engine that gives you high tracking speed, four adjustable dpi values, and low response speed.

logitech G402 gaming mouse

Havit HV-MS733

This Havit HV-MS733 is a gaming mouse with 7 RGB lighting effects and 6 adjustable sensitivity modes, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4000 and 4800 dpi. It is also equipped with 7 programmable buttons including a fire button. Its design is quite ergonomic and offers a comfortable grip for a good gaming experience.

havit gaming mouse


MARSGAMING is another manufacturer that offers several models of gaming mice in its catalog. The MRM0 combines great comfort with good performance, has an optical sensor of up to 4000 dpi and a very striking design in which spectacular RGB lighting stands out. It has a rubber finish that improves grip and prevents slipping.

MARSGAMING MRM0 gaming mouse


This model is a gaming mouse with RGB lighting and 4800 dpi sensitivity. It is equipped with eight software-configurable mechanical buttons, ergonomic design, and a braided cable. A model that offers wide compatibility, both with the PC, Mac, Linux and the main console platforms. Its weight is very light, only 20 grams.

MARSGAMING MM018 gaming mouse

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