Recommended covers and cases for your Nintendo Switch

Over time, we have seen how Nintendo launched the Lite version, only portable, since it does not allow its use connected to the television, but the truth is that the Nintendo Switch is still the model that captures the most attention.

Now, to be able to carry our console when we leave home or go on a trip, it is best to have a protective case or bag that allows us to carry everything well organized and protected from all kinds of scratches and bumps. In this sense, we can find a lot of covers or travel bags specially designed for Nintendo Switch.

When choosing a good cover or case for our console, it is important to look at different aspects, such as:

  • Material: It is important to pay attention to both the material used on the outside and the inside. Ideally, the cover should be rigid for greater protection against all kinds of accidental bumps and falls, while the interior should be as padded as possible with different compartments to prevent some accessories and others from rubbing and scratching. Above all, great attention must be paid so that the screen cannot be damaged when it is in the case.
  • Capacity: Depending on the use that we are going to give it, it is important that we take into account the capacity it offers. If it is for daily use, the best thing will be a smaller and lighter model that allows us to carry the console with the controllers and several cartridges with games, while if we want it as a travel case, then the ideal is that it has a greater capacity for the rest of accessories, base, charger, other controls or protective covers.
  • Resistance: Depending on the material with which the cover or case is made, this will be the level of resistance and protection. It is recommended the covers or cases with a rigid shell for greater protection and if it offers resistance to water or other liquids better than better.
  • Price: The budget we have is another detail to take into account, since it will limit us when it comes to buying one model or another. Below we show a list with different models for all pockets.

Travel cases and cases to transport the Nintendo Switch


Complete case for Nintendo Switch with a design that combines the colors of Pokémon and that offers a grip handle and shoulder strap to hang around the neck. The interior is made of high quality EVA rubber trimmed with compartments for the console, controller, base, charger, zippered compartment and tray to carry up to 21 game cartridges.

LYCAON Nintendo Switch Case


Hard case compatible with the Nintendo Switch with a highly padded interior of foam cut out with the shape to attach the console, base controller, charged and a zippered compartment to store other types of accessories. Rigid material exterior with handle and shoulder strap to carry by hand or on the shoulder.

Cover for Nintendo Switch FASTDISK


Rigid case lined with Oxford cloth that provides great resistance and protection for the console. The interior is made of cut foam with different compartments to perfectly fit the console, controller, charger, base, etc. In the lid it has several compartments to get several cartridges with games in a completely organized way. The closure is zippered for durable use and has a handle to carry it comfortably anywhere.

Case for Nintendo Switch ivoler


Travel case compatible with Nintendo Switch personalized with the typical red and blue colors of the console. It offers a large storage capacity with space specially designed for the console, controller, charger, base and other compartments to store certain accessories such as memory cards, etc. Made of highly resistant material and zip.

Nintendo Switch Terbse Case


Case for Nintendo Switch to transport the game console, Joy-Con controllers and 19 properly organized game cartridges. It also has a compartment to store other accessories such as the HDMI cable. Made of high quality EVA rubber and a rigid shell that protects the console from all kinds of bumps and falls. The housing has one of the covers in white and the other in red.

Nintendo Switch Younik Case


Case with a rigid shell that has two compartments, one for the console with velcro tape for good support and a protective flap to avoid scratches on the screen and another compartment with a zipper. Compact size case to carry our console from one place to another in the most protected way possible on a day-to-day basis.

Case for Nintendo Switch Daydayup


Compact and lightweight travel case for Nintendo Switch. Constructed of high quality EVA material with a rigid shell to protect the console from all kinds of bumps, scratches and drops. It fits perfectly to the shape of the console, the Joy-Con controllers, the power adapter and has space for 10 games. It is also equipped with a zippered mesh pocket to carry other types of accessories.

Cover for Nintendo Switch Bestico


Small hard case to store the Switch with the Joy-Con controllers and 8 game cartridges. Ideal for day to day, made of double-layer material with a molded shell that provides great resistance. Very light and comfortable to carry in any bag to be able to play the console when we leave the house.

Nintendo Switch AmazonBasics Case


Ultra slim case to store the Nintendo Switch and be able to carry it comfortably from one place to another on a daily basis. It has a space to place the console with the Joy-Con controllers and a flap with 10 compartments for the cartridges of our favorite games. Model available in a lot of colors and with military grade resistance.

Nintendo Switch TomToc Case


Hard case for Nintendo Switch very thin and light with a compartment for the console together with the Joy-Con controllers, a mesh space for other accessories and an intermediate flap that serves as protection for the screen of the console and that includes 10 compartments for save game cartridges.

Case for Nintendo Switch SmartDevill

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