Realme smartband with color screen and an unbeatable sale at Amazon

The wearable we are talking about is the so-called realme Band, and it is a model that fits perfectly in all kinds of situations, such as when doing sports, since it includes everything that is needed to make it useful here. Without going any further, it offers waterproof compliant with IP68 standard, so sweat is not a problem, and it is capable of detect up to nine different types of exercises automatically (among those who do not miss cycling, I will go out for a run). And all this, with a silicone bracelet that offers excellent resistance on a day-to-day basis.

Green Realme Band Smartband

Another of the good details that you are going to find in this realme smartband has to do with everything related to autonomy. For starters, you can get up to 10 days of use without having to look for a plug without any restrictions when using the sensors included in the accessory. In addition, it has a detail that is really interesting: in the bracelet itself, removing the strap at one of its ends, is where the connection is located. USB that allows you to recharge the device. Therefore, no cable is necessary to connect it to a computer, for example. This is really positive.

A very good deal on Amazon

Without a doubt, this is also a most important detail, since right now you can buy this product with a 18% discount compared to the price it usually has (both in black and green). If you add to this that you should not add anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account, this complete smart bracelet that is compatible with ios and with Android It is one of the options that you should not miss if you are looking to get a new device of this type.

Color screen on the realme smartband

The screen that is included in this wearable is 0.96 inch, more than enough to enjoy color content that can be seen quite accurately and without having to strain your eyes (it also does not lack a touch button that allows you to manage all the sections of the included operating system, such as accessing the alarm or starting to detect a specific exercise). Thanks to this component, you can see the notifications -with warnings perfectly by using vibration– that reach the phone with which it is synchronized using Bluetooth technology.

Sensor on the realme Band

With all that we have discussed and taking into account that a good number of sensors are included, among which there is no lack of heart rate and a three-axis accelerometer that ensures that the detection of physical exercise is quite accurate, this model allows to know data that may be important at specific moments, such as heart rate in real time or at the monitor sleep to know if you get enough rest in your day to day.

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