Realme Buds Q headphones on sale now for less than 24 euros

This device has technology Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with sound sources, which can be from computers, through tablets and even mobile phones (both those that use the iOS operating system and those that do the same with Android). The fact is that you can use it with practically all the devices in which you have music stored. With a weight of less than four grams in each of the sound elements, the comfort in use is very high in this accessory, something that is also significantly influenced by the fact that it has silicone tips to fit the ears.

Realme Buds Q black headphones

Something that makes the realme Buds Q headphones highly recommended is that it can be used in any situation, such as when going for a walk or going to the gym to practice sports. The latter is possible with protection against water IPX4, so sweat does not affect it at all, as well as rain in case you are a lover of running. Another good detail in our opinion is that this accessory has a very striking design, since it combines black and yellow, which makes it stand out from the competition (and without lacking control of the integrated reproductions so that you do not have to take the phone out of your pocket in any case).

Offer to buy realme Buds Q headphones

It is not very common to find a discount is as important as the one that we are going to show these striking headphones on Amazon. The fact is that right now you can save 23% with respect to what you have to pay on a regular basis, so you will only have to pay 23.19 euros to have it at home and without adding anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account. We leave you the link That you have to take advantage of not to miss this occasion and get yourself some wireless headphones that are made of very high quality plastic.

An autonomy that responds

This is another of the sections where these realme Buds Q headphones stand out, since the figures it has in terms of autonomy are quite positive. Individually, each of the headphones allows you to reach five hours of use without problem. But, because there is a built-in battery (400 mAh) in the carrying case, you can reach up to 20 hours without having to look for a plug to use the USB port that is used for recharging. That is, it perfectly meets what may be needed for an accessory of this type.

Realme Buds Q case

Without missing microphone In order to answer calls directly with the realme Buds Q headphones we are talking about, it should be noted that in the sound section there are important options that ensure that you will get a good user experience. AN example of what we say is Dynamic Bass Boost that optimizes the power of the bass and even has a R1Q chip which lowers the latency to 119 milliseconds to make this an ideal product for gaming on the smartphone.

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