Realme Band activity bracelet on offer with a 15% discount

Complete activity bracelet at a great price

A fitness tracker with 0.96 inch color touch screen with 80 × 160 resolution and that integrates a small touch button. This Realme Band is a bracelet that has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, which allows us to synchronize it with the mobile and consult all the information registered by the bracelet on the mobile screen through the Realme Link Smart app.

Smartband realme band lateral

It has different sports modes to track our activity when we go running, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, spinning, fitness, cricket or yoga and has a heart rate sensor integrated into the wrist itself. Specifically, the Realme Band has a optical heart rate sensor PPG of high precision to measure our pulsations in real time every 5 minutes.

Its ability to record movement and heart rate and thanks to an intelligent algorithm, this Realme Band is also capable of analyzing the quality of sleep and generating a report that will help us learn more about our sleep pattern and how to improve it.

As if that were not enough, the Realme Band has IP68 certified, which makes it resistant to dust, sand and water. Now, although it is resistant to splashes of water, it is not a model with which we can go anything with it. Its 90 mAh battery capacity gives this bracelet an autonomy of up to 7 days.

How could it be otherwise, by synchronizing the bracelet with our mobile, we will be able to receive all kinds of notifications on the wrist without having to take the phone out of the pocket, SMS, calls, WhatsApp messages and notifications from our social networks.

Smartband Realme Band on sale

This Realme smart bracelet has a really cheap official price, only 19.99 euros, but thanks to the offer we found on Amazon, it is now possible to get it with a 15% off. Therefore, we can buy it from the following link for only 16.95 euros. One of the cheapest and most complete smartbands.

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The bracelet is currently in stock, and offers a delivery time of between 3 and 6 working days, so in just a few days we can receive it at home and start enjoying all its functions. The model on offer is with a black strap, but then we can exchange it with other straps of different colors compatible with the Realme Band.

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