Ray-Ban Stories: Facebook has already put its smart glasses on sale!

A few weeks ago, here we told you that Facebook would launch its first smart glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban and the French optical equipment company EssilorLuxottica. Today we already have a price and all the revealed functions of the Ray-Ban Stories, which are already available in some countries.

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Features of Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses

Expectations began to grow since Ray-Ban shared that on September 9 all the details about the launch of smart glasses would be revealed.

Contrary to what many believed, this is not an awkward augmented reality headset, the designs are light and sleek like any other pair of glasses!

The glasses include two cameras, one on each side, 2.5 megapixels each, which you can turn on with a button on the back of the lenses. With them you can take photos or videos and share them automatically on Facebook. Magic happens just by saying out loud “Hey Facebook, take a video” (Hey, Faceboook, take a video).

Ray Ban's cameras stories Facebook's smart lenses - Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Ray-Ban

In addition, on the back of the lenses, the Ray-Ban Stories have a pair of open speakers with which you can listen to music or take calls. A great solution for those who skate or bike and can’t ignore ambient noise for safety.


You can share your content with Ray-Ban Stories!

The lenses will be capable of holding up to 500 photos or 30 videos, which you can send directly to Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp without the need for an extra cable. You can even download them directly to your cell phone to keep them in your photo and video gallery.

All those social networks in which you can share content with Facebook smart glasses are included in an unlimited way in your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan, which also gives you Double Gigs to enjoy sending photos and videos with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

How do you know that someone will not be taking photos of you without your consent?

As Mark Zuckerberg explained in the launch video, the Ray-Ban Stories were designed to respect the privacy of the people around the person wearing the smart glasses. That’s why every time you take a photo or video a white light will turn on to warn others.

What’s more, “You will not have to fight for digital reality or that of the world around you”, mentioned the CEO of Facebook, since you can turn off the smart glasses so that they work like completely normal sunglasses.

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To everyone’s surprise, the designs are not only light and elegant, but there are more than twenty different models available in four colors and six different shapes. And just like AirPods work, Facebook smart glasses will charge your battery from the case.

The ray ban stories will be loaded with a case - Blog Hola Telcel
Photo: Ray-Ban

The price will be $ 299 dollars (approximately $ 5,980 Mexican pesos). It is worth mentioning that the initial launch will only be available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and Italy. Luckily, it was also announced that they will soon expand to more parts of the world. Will you be encouraged to buy the Ray-Ban Stories when they arrive in Mexico?

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