Ransomware Hackers Demand $ 70 Million To Unlock Computer In Widespread Attack

The company chief at the center of a widespread attack that has affected hundreds of companies said he informed the White House that the attackers are demanding a one-time ransomware payment of $ 70 million.

It is estimated that the cyberattack that began to unfold on Friday affected hundreds of companies, mostly small and medium-sized, and tens of thousands of computers. He quickly set off alarms in US national security circles out of concern that it could have far-reaching effects.

On Monday, Fred Voccola, chief executive of Kaseya Ltd., whose software was the target of the attack, spoke with deputy national security adviser Anne Neuberger about the event while the company was still struggling to restore services to its clients, Voccola said. . Voccola told the White House that Kaseya was not aware of any critical infrastructure that had been affected by the ransomware or of any victims related to national security, he said in an interview Monday.

A White House spokeswoman had no immediate comment.

The hackers behind the ransomware attack said that upon payment, they will launch a “universal decryptor” that would unlock computers that had been encrypted and rendered useless by the attack, according to a note posted on the group’s website on Sunday. Mr. Voccola declined to discuss the payment issue.

Source: WSJ

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