Qualcomm would launch a portable console with Android


Reports indicate that Qualcomm would compete in the video game industry with its own portable console similar to the Nintendo Switch

The industry of video game is one of the most lucrative in the entertainment. Thus Qualcomm would be thinking of launching his own portable console with the Android operating system.

According to the Android Police site, it would be a team very similar to the one Nintendo switch. If the development of the equipment proceeds as expected, the device could be launched on the market next year.


Although it is a project and it is not yet known if it could be officially launched, the medium revealed that it had access to the images of the console from Qualcomm.

The portal highlighted that the equipment will have removable controllers, such as the Joy-Con of the Switch, an SD card slot, operating system Android 12 and 5G connectivity.

Android Police noted that the portable console from Qualcomm it would have a 6,000 mAh (milliamp) battery, it could also have a fan to prevent overheating.

The console would not only come with the Google Play application store, but it would also arrive with the Epic Games Store, in addition to being compatible with Google’s Stadia services and Geforce Now.


Although the measurements of the model were not specified, it was detailed that it would have a 6.65-inch screen, with a resolution of at least 1080p. Measures greater than those presented in the Nintendo switchSince it has a 6.2-inch 720p screen.

According to experts in addition to the functions of the console, Qualcomm it would have to focus on games, as it is one of the reasons why gamers buy a device.

Although it is still a rumor, Android Police stressed that the laptop could have a property of 300 dollars, that is, about 6,230 pesos.

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