PS5 sold more than twice as many units as the Xbox Series X | S


Ampere Analysis revealed that in the first half of 2021 Sony has beaten Microsoft, as it sold more units of its consoles

In the world of video games, Sony Y Microsoft face each year to get the pleasure of the gamers. However, it was revealed that in the first half of 2021 the PS5 sold more than the Xbox Series X | S.

Six months after its launch the PlayStation it would have achieved better results compared to its competition, since more than twice as many units had been distributed.

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Ampere Analysis, a British firm dedicated to market research, revealed that the Sony sold 2.83 million units of its PS5. While the Xbox Series X | S reached sales of 1.31 million.

So far these figures have not been confirmed or by Sony nor for Microsoft. In fact, it was recently revealed that 7.8 million PS5s were sold. From its launch until March 31, 2021, which would mean a new record for the company.

It was also revealed that in the first quarter of the year they distributed 3.3 million PS5 around the world. For his part Microsoft prefers not to reveal the number of sales of his consoles.

Although it is not official data, experts point out that it is not surprising that the PS5 has higher sales compared to the Xbox Series X | S. Since from the last generation Sony it has outperformed its competition.


The report also noted that a problem that companies will face is the lack of components, so the availability of units will continue to be an uncertainty.

“Sony will be happy to learn that its PlayStation 4 market share continued into the new generation, but it will be very difficult to meet actual demand under current market conditions.”

Although the PS5 It is the market leader in next-gen consoles, it does not mean that it is the most successful in the industry. And is that the Nintendo switch would have sold 5.86 million units, according to the same analysis. That is, more than double that of the PS5.

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