Project Hazel | Razer’s smart face shield with speaker and microphone

Razer mask

Razer presents its face mask against Covid-19, Project Hazel that includes N95 filters, LEDs and disinfects itself

With the pandemic for the Covid-19 one of the best-selling protective accessories around the world are the mask. Following the lawsuit, various companies decided to expand into the health sector.

Such is the case of Razer who developed his smart mask called Project Hazel. It is a device that has RGB, speaker, microphone, N95 filters, LEDs and it disinfects itself.

The company known for the manufacture of computers and peripherals for gamers presented during the CES 2021 its face mask that was developed for the end consumer.

According to the company its Project Hazel not only offers N95 grade protection against Covid-19It is also a “safe, social and sustainable” team.


He mask of Razer It has two circular areas that allow fresh air to enter and help release the heat caused when we exhale. The equipment is designed with a recycled plastic and a silicone band that allows a better adaptation to the face of each person.

In the event that the lighting is not enough, the interior will begin to be illuminated through Razer Chroma RGB technology (of more than 16 million colors), which will allow other people to see your facial expressions.

Project Hazel It is translucent, so it will not be a problem when people want to communicate. One of its characteristics is that it has a microphone and integrated amplifiers, in this way there will be no voice distortion.

Also includes customizable Chroma LEDs

Project Hazel

Another feature of Project Hazel it’s your Chroma LEDs on the edge of the filters. These could be customized with the help of your Synapse software.

As an additional disinfection measure, the company plans to develop a storage box that would have ultraviolet light capable of killing viruses.

He Razer mask could be available in black and white colors. However, at the moment it is unknown if Project Hazel will hit the market and what its price would be.

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