Profeco to sue Sony for unfulfilled offer on PS5

Sony would have violated the rights of consumers so Profeco would prepare a class action lawsuit after selling the PS5 at a 30% discount

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) reported that he is listing a class action lawsuit against Sony for not respecting a offer of the PS5.

Through a statement, the agency stressed that on November 1, the company had announced the pre-sale of its console with a 30% discount, if purchased in its online store.

On this date people were able to make the PS5 at a price of 8054 pesos. Despite the fact that the purchase had already been confirmed, the supplier canceled the shipments without any kind of justification. According to the Profeco This practice violates the rights of consumers.

«On the same day, multiple purchases were made. Despite being confirmed, the supplier canceled most of them later, unilaterally »

The Federal Law for Protection of the Consumer establishes that companies must respect the published offers.

Profeco highlighted that it had addressed a consumer group complaint, but Sony Mexico he never showed an interest in reconciling the situation.


Due to the lack of interest, the agency would be filing a complaint to force the company to respect the offer published and in this way that users obtain their PS5.

For his part Sony It would be supported by the fact that there was a change in its terms and conditions, referring to the fact that it reserves the right to deliver the products when the units are sold out.

However, it was revealed that the changes were made after November 1, 2020. Tec-Check highlighted that if the user successfully completed a purchase order Sony I would be obliged to deliver them.

What to do if you didn’t receive your PS5 and bought it on November 1?

Profeco invited all affected consumers to join the class action lawsuit. Interested persons must present themselves at the Collective Actions Directorate located at Avenida José Vasconcelos 208, 11th floor, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office, in Mexico City.


People must present themselves with the following documentation:

  • Express consent granted in favor of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency.
  • Copy of your official identification.
  • Additional Format of Personal Data of the Consumer.
  • Documents that verify the consumption relationship derived from the purchase or attempted purchase of the products Playstation 5, such as proof of payment, invoice, bank transfers, screenshots, purchase confirmations, supplier and emails, among others.

For more information, Profeco made available the address or send an email to

You can also call 55 5625 6700 extensions 11122, 11292, 11776 or 11357 from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 15:00.


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