Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch at the lowest price

Big discount on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

An official Nintendo controller that offers great compatibility and that we can get now on sale to save a little money on your purchase. This Pro Controller remote has an official price of 69.90 euros, but now we can get it at a lower price thanks to the discount applied by Amazon.

controller pro controller Nintendo Switch in the box

Specifically, the online shopping giant has applied 21% on the price of the remote, which saves almost 15 euros. That is, the final price of the Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch is 55 euros. A product that is sold and shipped by Amazon itself, which offers a one-week delivery loop and the possibility of receiving it at home for free for Amazon Prime users.

Very comfortable and high compatibility

If you’ve already had a good marathon with your Nintendo Switch, then you may have noticed that the Joy-Con end up making your hands and fingers feel tired. This is why many people choose to buy the Pro Controller. A control with much greater ergonomics that allows you to use it for many hours with great comfort.

In addition, it offers full compatibility with Nintendo Switch games and great freedom of use by being completely wireless. Of course, it also has a cable for charging and we can use it connected to the base when we are in television mode.

The dimensions of the Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch are 6.5 x 15.3 x 15.5 cm and has a weight of 399 grams, which makes it quite light and comfortable, something that we will appreciate if we spend hours and hours with our favorite game.

Pro controller for nintendo switch

In that space, we find two controllers, a crosshead, four buttons arranged as in the controls of other game consoles, the adjustment access buttons and the auxiliary buttons on the front of the remote for auxiliary functions.

It has a non-slip grip to offer the best possible gaming experience and thanks to its weight and size, it can also be carried comfortably when we go out of the house with the console. We can also find some covers or travel cases for Nintendo Switch where we find a hole to carry the Pro Controller perfectly stored and protected when we take the console away from home or go on a trip.

In short, a great accessory that allows us to get the most out of all Nintendo Switch video games both in television mode and when we use the console in portable mode. The model on offer is in black and it is the standard version.

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