Powerful soundbar Samsung HW-S60T on sale

There are many reasons that can drive us to buy a sound bar, but mainly, most people who go to this type of device is to improve the audio on their television. We may have a large Smart TV that offers us incredible images, but the sound is not as good as it should be, which deprives us of living an authentic cinema experience in the living room. In this case, if you are looking for a powerful soundbar that offers surround quality sound, you are in luck. And it is now possible to buy this Samsung model with more than 50 euros discount.

Powerful bar with surround sound

The model in question is the Samsung HW-S60T, a four-channel, high-powered soundbar that delivers smart sound. A model with which we will fill our room with exceptional sound thanks to its two speakers and the tweeters it has. We find all this under a very thin casing that we can place anywhere in our living room to enjoy full sound, even just under the TV. A Svadrat design that combines elegance and high quality for maximum durability with fully rounded corners that add a personalized and modern touch.

Soundbar Samsung HW-S60T front

This soundbar offers a maximum power of up to 180 W that distributes sound through two speakers forward-facing firing points, each accompanied by a woofer and a tweeter midrange, plus tweeters on each side to trigger the sound sideways.

At the back we find the connectivity section of this Samsung HW-S60T soundbar, where we find an HDMI connection with ARC and CEC support and an optical digital input, although it also includes connectivity Bluetooth and WiFi. In this way, we can connect the sound bar to our WiFi network and thanks to its integration with Alexa, we can ask with our own voice to play our favorite music. Something that we can also do directly from our mobile or tablet through Bluetooth. Therefore, it is one of the powerful soundbars that Alexa integrates and that also has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

A sound bar that, as we previously indicated, has a very slim design, with its full dimensions of 76.4 x 6.8 x 12.5 cm and a weight of slightly less than 3 kg.

Samsung HW-S60T on sale

This Samsung HW-S60T bar has an official price of 391.51 euros, but thanks to the discount applied by Amazon, we can get it now for a final price of 340.99 euros. This means a saving of just over 50 euros when buying this model.

Soundbar Samsung HW-S60T side

A model that offers shipping within between 6 and 10 days and in which customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service can enjoy free shipping. Of course, as we can see in the Amazon ad, lThe images do not correspond at the time of this publication with the model offered, showing photos of the soundbar Samsung HW-Q60T instead of the one of the offer that is the model HW-S60T.

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