Powerful LG soundbar with wireless subwoofer on sale

Offer for LG SL6YF soundbar

This opportunity comes to us from Amazon, where the online shopping giant has applied a discount to one of the models in the Sony catalog. Specifically, it is the model LG SL6YF, a soundbar with a 3.1 channel wireless subwoofer whose official price is set at 299 euros.

However, Amazon has applied a discount of 40 euros on this model, so it offers us the possibility of comparing it at a price of 259 euros. If we are also users of the Amazon Prime service, then we can also enjoy free shipping. The delivery time for this LG SL6YF soundbar is just a couple of business days.

Amazon offers its financing service in this model, so if we prefer, we can pay for this sound bar in 10 monthly installments of 27.04 euros. Now, this means having to face interest, the final price in this case being 270.42 euros.

Great power and surround sound

This sound bar has been designed by LG to offer a completely immersive sound atmosphere. To do this, it has 3.1 channels and a 420W peak power. A model that has 220W wireless subwoofer of power that allows us to enjoy more powerful bass and that we can also place in the place where we see fit since it does not require having to have any cables pulled through the living room.

This LG SL6YF soundbar offers DTS Virtual: X sound and high resolution sound so that our experience is as if we were in the cinema without leaving the sofa at home. A model that offers great versatility in terms of connectivity, since it has bluetooth, HDMI, USB and optical input.

The main unit has measurements of 106 x 5.7 x 8.5 cm and has a weight of 3.45 kg, while the wireless subwoofer weighs 5.3 kg and has dimensions of 17.1 x 39.3 x 24.85 cm. A model that due to its dimensions and weight, as long as we have space, we can easily place it under the TV, leaning on the cabinet or hanging directly on the wall.

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows us to synchronize this LG SL6YF sound bar with our mobile or tablet and be able to send our favorite music to listen to it through this complete sound system. It should also be noted that the bar itself has an FM radio, so we can also listen to our favorite radio programs with surround sound.

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