Posting photos on Instagram is good for your health, according to a study

Sharing photos, messages or videos on social networks has become a common and daily practice for many people. An activity that science has proven to be extremely positive for memory, especially if it is from Instagram or Facebook.

Why is sharing posts on Instagram good for your brain?

To create memories that last in your memory for a long time, it is necessary that these moments are related to a strong feeling or an incomparable experience. If not, those memories fade over time, as part of a normal neural process in the human brain.

To create memories that last for a long time in your brain, it is necessary to relate them to a feeling or experience.- Blog Hola Telcel

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With the arrival of social networks, the above has changed significantly and it is that several neuroscience scientific studies have verified that those who share much more content of their life through Instagram, whether in stories, photos or reels, have more memories than those who do not.

Instagram encourages your brain to store many more memories than normal

A study carried out by Bournemouth University showed that autobiographical memory has been reinforced in certain people thanks to social networks. This study was led by scientists Andrew J. Johnson and Emily G. Morley, who brought together about thirty volunteers to conduct the research.

In this research, the participants posted their daily activities on Instagram for a week. At the end, the specialists applied a questionnaire to see how well the experiment worked in terms of his autobiographical memory.

Publishing your day to day on Instagram helps improve your memory - Hola Telcel blog

The results were fascinating! Most of the volunteers who shared content on Instagram were able to explain in detail the activities they did during the week, while those who did not share anything, forgot much of what they experienced just a few days ago.

Social media DO have health benefits

The experts concluded that by posting a photo on social networks you work your memory by choosing the perfect message, by adding elements that complement it, such as emojis or stickers, and when selecting the music that you want to accompany your memory if it is a Instagram Story. In addition, the interaction in comments serves as a reinforcement for the brain.

Sharing Instagram Stories is good for your memory according to a recent study.- Blog Hola Telcel

Another great positive reinforcement is that through Instagram or Facebook you can visualize your memories lived on that same date, but years ago. In this way, you help your brain to remember what you were doing one, five or even ten years ago. Probably moments you’ve already forgotten.

Seeing your memories again on Instagram is a positive reinforcement for your memory and brain - Hello Telcel blog

If you doubted that sharing part of your life on Instagram through stories or publications made no sense, now you know that it did and that in some future it will serve as memories of the present. So start sharing more of what you like, taking advantage of that with your Telcel’s Unlimited Friend you have unlimited social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat, with the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Have you realized all the benefits of sharing photos on social networks? 😯

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