Pornhub traffic skyrocketed during Facebook crash

Pornhub Site

After the fall of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Mark Zuckerberg lost almost 6 billion dollars, however the beneficiaries were Pornhub

On October 4, a massive drop from Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The platforms presented failures in your connection and operation for more than six hours.

After the technological problems, Mark Zuckerberg it lost almost $ 6 billion, however other networks benefited. Such is the case of Telegram and Pornhub.


According to the adult video portal the your page traffic skyrocketed during the falling platforms.

Pornhub noted that visits to its platform increased by as much as 10.5 percent during every hour that visits Mark Zuckerberg’s social media they were out of order.

“Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were out of service for several hours on October 4, 2021. As of 12 p.m. ET, Pornhub’s traffic increased by as much as 10.5 percent, which is equivalent to half a million additional users during each hour that Facebook services were down “

The maximum peak of growth in traffic is at 1PM, that is, at noon central Mexico time. Followed by 2 in the afternoon with 8.8% and noon with 8.4%.

Until 6PM in Mexico that traffic reached its normal levels, just when services began to reestablish.

Pornhub Traffic

This is not the first time that adult site traffic has skyrocketed after problems with other sites. social networks. Well, the same thing happened in March 2019 when Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger presented failures.

At that moment Pornhub it reached “up to 19 percent above average.” This increase occurred “at 7 pm, which is already one of the highest viewing periods.”

The website highlighted that this increase is due to the fact that people, not being able to enter social networks, visit these types of sites to pass the time, while problems with other platforms are resolved.

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