Polar Unite smartwatch on sale and on time with no shipping costs

This a model that has color display so circular which is quite attractive, and as usual it is possible to change the aspect that it has so that you can personalize what you see in the best possible way. With a good resolution of 240 x 204 pixels, it should be noted that this component does not lack a protection called Asahi, which is the direct rival of Gorilla Glass. Another of the good details that this device has is what it has to do with the manufacture is that its weight is only 32 grams and what manufacturing material used is reinforced polymer that ensures a high endurance.

Polar Unite smartwatch screen

The Polar Unite has several details that make it a good companion when doing sports, and a clear example of what we say is that they have water resistance up to 30 meters. Therefore, it is fully certified to be able to practice swimming. In addition, and this is quite important, inside it has GPS I think that it allows Tomás to make very precise information and in which, for example, the route you have taken appears on a map when you go out with the bike I’m going to run.

Very good offer for the Polar Unite

At this time you can take advantage of a promotion in the eBay store that allows you save 10% of the price that this smart watch usually has when buying it from home. In this way, you only have to pay 134.10 euros to get it and you will not have to add absolutely nothing for shipping costs (the latter is only available for a limited time). We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity to get this accessory that includes a pink silicone strap.

Things that are important in this accessory

One of which is key is that inside you will find a 174 mAh rechargeable battery that is capable of supplying power for 50 hours in its training mode (which among other things I have the GPS activated constantly). In normal use, the time that you can more or less use the Polar Unite reaches the four days, a pretty good figure that will allow you to have a good user experience. By the way, when it comes to connectivity, this is a wearable that includes Bluetooth, so you won’t have so much trouble with phones ios like those that use the operating system Android.

Pink Polar Unite strap

In order to accurately recognize sports activity inside this smartwatch, you will have a large number of sensors, such as a compass or an accelerometer, which help you achieve it with a fairly high precision. In addition, it does not lack the heart rate itself, which among other things allows you to know at all times if you should slow down when going for a run and even allows you to set the sleep quality that you have in your day to day. With a good design and extensive operating options, we believe that you should not miss the chance to get this complete smart watch.

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