Plum! 43 “Samsung Smart TV and a discount of 106 euros

We are exactly referring to the Smart TV Samsung TU8005 in its 43-inch version, so it is perfect to renew the old TV in the kitchen or bedroom for a model that will not disappoint you at all. In addition, if you take into account its 21% discount so that you save 106 euros when buying this television, the offer is high.

As you can see later, this Samsung TU8005 boasts technical characteristics that make your purchase a sure hit. And now that you can save more than 100 euros, it is a perfect time to enjoy a TV with Crystal technology from Samsung.

Smart TV Samsung TU8005 with remote

Samsung’s Crystal technology won’t disappoint

On an aesthetic level we find a model that boasts minimalist frames and that make the screen the main protagonist. To this must be added all kinds of connectivity options, since It has USB ports, ARC compliant HDMI, bluetooth, WiFi and more so that you do not lack options.

But the most interesting element of this model comes with Samsung’s Crystal technology. We are talking about a system that manages to reproduce more than a billion different tones with a quality that will leave you speechless. And much of the credit goes to Crystal 4K processor that incorporates this Samsung TU8005 television so you can enjoy the best visual landscape.

And beware, in the sound this also stands out Smart TV on offer. More than anything because it has a software processing system that adapts the volume depending on the content, thus avoiding those annoying variations in the sound so that you do not get scared to death with an explosion, since another way you wouldn’t listen to the dialogues.

Samsung TU8005

Compatible with all major voice assistants

One of the great Achilles heels in Samsung’s family of Smart TVs had to do with a lack of support for Google Assistant. The Korean giant did not allow the use of the well-known voice assistant of the American firm on its televisions. Although after the last update of Tizen Things have changed.

In this way, you can use the remote control of this Samsung TU8005 television, which incorporates a microphone on the top, to invoke both Alexa, like Bixby or Google Assistant and start performing voice commands in the most comfortable way. In addition, you can send the screen of your phone to the TV very easily through the official app for Samsung televisions.

Without a doubt, a really complete offer, so do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this Samsung TU8005 Smart TV at a scandal price, before the available units run out.

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