PlayStation would be creating a DualShock controller for smartphones

control for smartphones

Sony would have patented in Japan a patent for a device to bring its DualShock to smartphones or mobile devices

In recent years the time that is played has increased mobile video games. That is why Sony I would already be working on a device to carry your DualShock to the mobile devices.

A VGC report revealed that the company registered a new patent in Japan in which it shows a command very similar to that of the PlayStation.

Sony DualShock for smartphones

According to the image presented, it would be a device similar to the control DualShock from the console Playstation 4 and not to DualSense of the Playstation 5.

The patent would show a team that has two parts, which would be the ones that would carry the joysticks and buttons. In the central part would be the mobile team. It is a design similar to that already presented by other smartphone control companies.

According to some media, the control would be able to detect changes in the tilt of the device and the direction in which it is tipping. It is believed that Sony I could add some kind of movement control to games.

Sony wants to enter the world of smartphones with great force

If this device becomes a reality, Sony would conform his intention to enter the world of the mobile games.

It should be remembered that Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, mentioned the intention of the company to bring its services to mobile devices.

“We have been thinking about how gamers enjoy our content and have had some initial successes with experimenting with mobile games and applications, to offer players more options.”

DualShock smartphone control

Jim pointed out that they have a large number of licenses that could reach mobile without any problem.

‚ÄúPlayStation has a huge catalog of varied licenses that can go mobile and complement our blockbusters or live as service games. We are investigating the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation sagas, stay tuned “

The controls DualSense and DualShock 4 can now connect to mobile devices using Bluetooth. However, the smartphone screen is always “loose” and the integration of the control with the cell phone could be a solution.

It should be remembered that it is a patent so it is not known if this device to carry your DualShock smartphones could hit the market.

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