PlayStation patents artificial intelligence that can play for you

Sony artificial intelligence

Sony would have registered a patent for an artificial intelligence system that can play the games for you, imitating your movements

It is common for companies patents new technologies that could work in the future. It was recently revealed that Sony registered a artificial intelligence system which can play the games for you.

This new tool would copy the movements of the gamers to be able to imitate his game and thus be able to predict the decisions he would make.

The New Web revealed that a division of PlayStation has been working on this technology since 2017. Which is intended more for developers than to replace players.


According to the first reports the artificial intelligence system I would be observing the games of the player analyzing each movement that he makes as he progresses in the different games.

This with the intention of being able to learn their movements and the way in which the user makes his decisions, in this way if the user wishes the artificial intelligence can play for him.

The patent indicates that the system would allow the person to order it to complete some tasks for the user. Including some that are very difficult for the player.

If for some reason a player is unable to complete a game the artificial intelligence could help to overcome the level and continue to enjoy the videogame. This way the frustrations for not being able to pass a task would end.


The use of this system would be completely optional. According to the patent it could also be used in multiplayer mode. So that “the companions of the game can continue playing with you during periods of time in which the player is not available”.

So far no more details about the artificial intelligence system that it can play the games for you, but it could be an interesting tool that would give the gamers new options.

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