PlayStation congratulates Xbox on its presentation at E3 2021

Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, congratulated Phil Spencer and the entire Xbox team on their presentation at E3 2021

Microsoft Y Sony compete hand in hand in the food industry video game. Both companies have managed to dominate the world of gaming with their respective consoles Xbox Y PlayStation.

Although they compete for a sales advantage, companies companies They usually show their respect for the actions of their competition.

E3 2021

Xbox was presented at the E3 2021 with great success as he shared his exclusive games and upcoming services.

After the work presented Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, congratulated Phil Spencer and the entire team of Xbox for his presentation in the E3 2021.

PlayStation was not present at the E3 2021However, he showed that he was aware of what was presented, so I do not hesitate to congratulate his competition for the work done in the event.

Greeting messages from PlayStation to Xbox

In your account Twitter, Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, congratulated Xbox and assured that it is a great time to be gamer, with all the novelties that were presented.

“Congratulations to @ XboxP3 and the entire team for a great show. Good time to be a player “

Immediately the message of PlayStation went viral so Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president of the games division of Microsoft, thanked the words after his presentation at E3 2021.

Also Shuhei Yoshida, PS indies team manager, congratulated Xbox for their work on the E32021.

“Congratulations @ XboxP3 @BethesdaStudios @aarongreenberg @majornelson and @iocat on today’s great show!”

It should be remembered that the messages of congratulations come days after Phil Spencer criticized the companies – not to mention PlayStation– that do not launch their exclusive games for console and PC at the same time.

According to Spencer, these types of practices force users to buy hardware that they do not enjoy or have to wait years for them to reach the platform they have.

In recent years Xbox has chosen to launch its games on all platforms that are part of its environment.


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