Play Snake, Pac-Man and more on your Android without downloading anything

Did you know that your phone has games like Solitaire, Minesweeper and Snake like old cell phones? If you did not know, here we share the secret of how to play them through Google with or without internet connection for those moments of boredom or leisure and remember the classic games on your first phone.

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Pac-Man game phone Google

Pac-Man, Solitaire, Snake and the famous Cat are just some of the games that Google has available thanks to old doodles in which these were the protagonists and the browser decided to keep them forever. Best of all, there is no need to download any app to access them.

Snake game phone

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5 games available on Google

These games can be used at any time from your phone, they are completely free and have new designs; but keeping the retro classic of the first phones.

To access them, you just have to enter your Google browser, look for the name of the one you want to play and click on the doodle or the “Play” button and that’s it.

1. Minesweeper on Google

Minesweeper doodle google game

Minesweeper google

2. Solitaire

Solitaire free game Google doodle

Google Solitaire

3. Tic tac toe (Cat)

Tic tac toe cat Google game free

4. Pac-Man

Pac-man doodle google game

5. Snake

Google game snake

Snake free game Google

How to play Snake, Pac-Man and Google Solitaire without internet?

There is also another alternative to play even without an internet connection and that is through Google Play Store and access the classic games right there without downloading and offline. This is the step by step you must follow:

1. Go to the Google Play Store from your phone.
2. Choose the “Games” option.
3. When you are offline, you will see an image of a sleeping satellite and underneath an option “Play while you wait”.
4. Options include Hot Air Balloon, Solitaire, and Snake.
5. To see more games, scroll down the screen and press “More games offline”
6. Choose the one you want and voila!

Free offline games Google Play Store

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These classic games can accompany you at any time; while waiting for someone, you are bored or just want a quick distraction. You sure have a favorite one, so take advantage of this hidden Google secret and get your best score. 😊

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