plasma 5.24.1

As usual on KDE’s agenda, a week after a new major update of its graphical environment, we are given the first point version of the series. And that is what they have done a few moments ago: the project of the K He has launched plasma 5.24.1, a maintenance update that has fixed more bugs than we would have expected. And it is that KDE said that everything had gone very well in 5.24.

From the following list, which we have taken from what Nate Graham publishes on weekends, perhaps it stands out that they have corrected three more bugs related to Wayland. We all say that it should be the future, in fact it is already the present in GNOME, but it seems that KDE will not add it by default in any Plasma 5 series. Speculations aside, what they have already announced is Plasma 5.24.1, and here you have a list with the most outstanding novelties.

Some new features of Plasma 5.24.1

  • System Preferences no longer crashes when the active color scheme does not exist on disk for some reason; it now reverts to Breeze Light (the default color scheme) and does not crash.
  • In the Plasma Wayland session:
    • Plasma no longer always crashes when screencasting in certain circumstances.
    • Using custom splash screens works again.
    • Fixed a way the tooltip could be mispositioned.
  • The scaling effect is again configurable.
  • Links to System Preferences pages that are added to the desktop via the “Add to Desktop” context menu item in Kickoff reappear on the desktop as expected.
  • Some large button types with text no longer make their middle text invisible when they are brought into keyboard focus.
  • The Information Center “Devices” page works as expected again if the lspci command line program is located in /sbin/, /usr/sbin, or /usr/local/sbin on your computer.
  • Dragging files from the desktop onto a Sticky Note applet no longer causes the files to temporarily disappear.
  • In the X11 Plasma session, the cursor no longer disappears when using the “Zoom” effect.
  • The “Fall Apart” effect works again and no longer interacts strangely with the “Overview” effect.
  • The Overview effect no longer inappropriately displays minimized windows in desktop thumbnails for a moment before immediately hiding them again.
  • When using certain third-party window decoration themes, maximizing a window no longer unexpectedly scrambles instead of doing so.
  • System Preferences is now faster, especially when using icon view mode.
  • When an app is installed more than once from different sources (for example, one version from the distro’s repositories and another version from Flatpak), that app’s context menu in Kickoff no longer has multiple entries saying “Uninstall or manage accessories”.
  • Searching for apps that are not yet installed no longer returns duplicate entries for matching apps that are available from multiple sources.
  • In the overview effect, the selection highlight effects of apps now disappear when you start dragging them.

Now available

The release of Plasma 5.24.1 it’s official, and that means a couple of things: if you haven’t already, new packages will be coming to KDE neon and the project’s Backports repository very soon, but what is available is the code for different Linux distributions to work with it. . Plasma 5.24 is available on Kubuntu (+Backports), so the new packages should be available soon. Later, or around the same time, everything will come to distributions whose development model is Rolling Release, such as Arch Linux. For users of systems like Manjaro, which have different branches, this version of Plasma will arrive sooner if the Unstable branch is used.