Plasma 5.23.5

Today, January 4, the latest point update of the Plasma version labeled the 25th anniversary was scheduled to be released. So, KDE He has launched Plasma 5.23.5, a fifth maintenance update of which we could hope that there was little left to correct, but it also comes with more time since the previous delivery, so there are always little things to fix.

Plasma 5.23.5 is what is known as an EOL version, end of life or end of life cycle for its acronym in English, and from now on KDE will focus squarely on improving Plasma 5.24, but also its applications and its Framework. Out of the novelties arriving in Plasma 5.23.5, Nate Graham highlighted the following weekends.

What’s New in Plasma 5.23.5

  • Bluetooth status is now saved when logging out when using “remember” option.
  • Plasma panels now load faster when logging in and look less crashing when logging in. Changing activities no longer causes a strange dummy entry to appear in the task manager.
  • In the Plasma Wayland session:
    • Mouse and touchpad settings that allow toggling between “Flat” and “Adaptive” acceleration profiles now work.
    • Applying a “No title bar and frame” window rule no longer makes the window super small.
    • Changing activities no longer causes a strange dummy entry to appear in the task manager.
    • Advanced keyboard options are working properly again.
  • Fixed various memory leaks that could cause KWin to crash when opening various third-party apps or the new Overview effect.
  • System Preferences no longer hangs sometimes when trying to install or update global themes.
  • The Kickoff app launcher no longer fails to search correctly when there are multiple instances of it.
  • Searching for installed apps in Discover no longer shows all Flatpak apps, regardless of their installation status.
  • The Digital Clock calendar view now always shows the correct colors when using the Breeze Light theme, or any other theme that has light color coded.
  • The System Tray now becomes translucent or opaque based on the translucency / opacity setting of its main panel, as expected.

Now available

The release of Plasma 5.23.5 it’s officialSo soon, if you haven’t already, you’ll be coming to KDE neon, KDE’s own operating system. Later it should reach the project’s Backports repository and distributions that use the Rolliing Release development model.