Plasma 5.23

It is clear that today was a day that we had marked on the calendar because Canonical had to launch the Impish Indri family, but I think there is something more important to celebrate. And no, I am not saying that a new version of Ubuntu is not big news, but that just 25 years ago today KDE began to take its first steps. Perhaps he had a calmer childhood, but not everything was a bed of roses until recently, and now, with Plasma 5.23, things keep getting better.

KDE usually releases new versions of its graphical environment on Tuesday, but Plasma 5.23 has arrived today Thursday so that the date coincides with October 14, the kde birthday. They have been celebrating the event for more than 24 hours, with graphic designs or a list of 25 things we could do to help KDE, but the news that brings us here is the official release of Plasma 5.23.

Highlights of Plasma 5.23

  • Improvements in Breeze, that is, a new theme with many redesigned components.
  • Kickoff with improvements ranging from aesthetics to performance.
  • The clipboard widget can save up to 20 items, among other new features.
  • Improved the interface to configure some system settings.
  • Many improvements in Wayland.
  • Consistent screen layouts of multi-monitor setups between X11 and Wayland sessions.
  • When switching to tablet mode, the systray icons increase in size to make things easier for you to use your fingers.
  • The interface for displaying notifications now supports copying text to the clipboard with Ctrl + C.
  • The applet with the global menu implementation looks more like a normal menu.
  • The ability to quickly switch between energy profiles between energy saving, balanced high performance, has been added.
  • In the system monitor and widgets to display the status of the sensors, the display of the average load indicator is provided.
  • The volume control applet now separates applications that play and record sound.
  • Added display of extra details about the current network in the network connection control widget.
  • Added the ability to manually configure the speed for the Ethernet connection and disable IPv6.
  • Support has been added for extra protocols and authentication settings for connections through OpenVPN.

As for when it will be available, the only sure thing is that the launch is official. Also that the first system to receive all the updates will be KDE neon, followed by those that follow the Rolling Release development model. Considering that it depends on Qt 5.15, like Plasma 5.22, it will be coming to Kubuntu + Backports PPA soon.