Plasma 5.22.5

It has been a series without too important failures, so we could say that it has been a good one. But everything is coming to an end, although in this case we will not say that it will do good. KDE just released Plasma 5.22.5, which is the latest maintenance update for the 5.22 series, but you have been working on Plasma 5.23 for a long time, the next major update that will come with major changes such as a new theme.

KDE has published a note announcing the launch and other in which they collect all the changes. Personally, and as Ubunlog readers will know, I prefer to add a unofficial list which is the one Nate Graham gave us on the weekends. We might think that an update that marks the end of its life cycle had little left to tweak, but there are things like the following.

Highlights of Plasma 5.22.5

  • Fixed several recent regressions affecting Yakuake – it glides properly again and no longer blinks blue when closed.
  • The “Export Page” function of the system monitor now works.
  • Some of the elements in the Discover user interface now display their shortcut keys in their tooltip, instead of displaying random numbers.
  • The digital clock pop-up header now displays correctly in text mode from right to left.
  • When there are many different time zones defined in the Digital Clock pop-up calendar, the list is now scrollable when necessary.
  • Window maximize and full screen effects now intersect again.
  • Plasma’s “Alternatives” pop-up no longer lets long labels visually overflow; now the items in the list are made as tall as necessary to contain them.
  • Task Manager tooltips for pinned apps now disappear when hovering over them, as does all other tooltip.
  • When a desktop widget is held down with a finger on the touch screen, the overlay icons are now sized appropriately for touch interaction.
  • Plasma panels reuse the correct graphics for specific border themes, as long as they are present.
  • Plasma panel edit mode now allows applets to be moved, configured and deleted on a touch screen.
  • When you rotate the widget on the desktop 90 °, the tooltip for the Rotate button no longer covers the Configure button and prevents its use.
  • When the scroll bar arrows are displayed, the arrows themselves now show the correct color when hovering in QtQuick-based applications.
  • Fixed a regression in the way Breeze theme window decoration buttons were displayed in GTK header bar windows.
  • The system monitor no longer displays IPv4 address information when IPv6 has been disabled.
  • In the Plasma Wayland session, users of NVIDIA proprietary drivers version 470 and later will no longer experience XWayand application windows displaying black or vertically mirrored content.

Now available

Plasma 5.22.5 has been released a few moments ago, so It is now available for developers to add it to their respective distributions. Where you will get to the earliest, if you haven’t already, is KDE neon, the operating system that KDE Community controls the most. Considering how the other point updates in this series have been arriving, it is expected that this day will also reach the Kubuntu + Backports PPA. As for the rest of the distributions, it will depend on the philosophy of its developers and the development model. Rolling Releases, like Arch Linux, should also receive the new packages soon.