Plasma 5.22.4

When KDE releases a new major version of its graphical environment it takes only a week to deliver the first fixes. When the most visible or annoying thing is already fixed, the time that passes between the dot versions lengthens, and after v5.22.3, KDE Community just announced the launch of Plasma 5.22.4, the fourth maintenance update in this series that has arrived to continue fixing the few and minor bugs that were introduced in this series.

But just because the KDE developers are happy with how things have gone in a Plasma version doesn’t mean that everything was perfect. There are not a few of us who think that KDE goes very fast and that this causes many small bugs to appear, but this is how they work: first they add the changes and then focus on making everything consistent.

Some new features of Plasma 5.22.4

What you have next it is not an official list, but some of the changes that Nate Graham has been anticipating us during the weekends. The official list is available at this link, while the following is one with a more pleasant and easy-to-read language:

  • Opening the Digital Clock applet configuration dialog no longer closes the applet pop-up window if it was deliberately opened.
  • When using systemd-homed, entering an incorrect password once at the login screen no longer causes all subsequent unlock attempts to fail.
  • The Bluetooth widget now works correctly when placed directly on the panel, rather than when it lives in the systray.
  • System Monitor is now much faster to start.
  • The grid items in the expanded System Tray pop-up are now perfectly aligned with the pixels so they don’t get blurry.
  • Using QTimer in the KWin script now works again.
  • In the context menu of desktop items, pressing the shift key to switch between “Move to Trash” and “Delete” now works when a submenu is open.
  • Global shortcuts for applications whose desktop files have uppercase characters in their names now work correctly, and their entries on the Shortcuts page of System Preferences now always display the correct icons.
  • Plasma notifications with embedded links now use the link color of the Plasma theme instead of the application color scheme, fixing bugs where these differ, such as when applying the Breeze Twilight theme.
  • Category lists on the Unsplash Picture of the Day wallpaper settings page are now sorted alphabetically, rather than semi-randomly.
  • Website bookmarks displayed in KRunner that come from a browser using the Plasma browser integration are now nice and sharp when using a high DPI scaling factor.
  • Panels using the Adaptive Transparency feature now go into transparent mode when using the Show Desktop effect.
  • In Plasma Wayland, KWin no longer sometimes hangs when disconnecting or reconnecting certain external displays.
  • The daemon ksystemstats (which provides the sensor data to the System Monitor and various sensor widgets) no longer hangs on startup for some people with certain hardware.
  • The Information Center now displays the correct information about non-x86 CPUs.

Your code now available, soon on some operating systems

The release of Plasma 5.22.4 it’s official, but it will still take a while for it to appear as an update on some operating systems. KDE neon is coming very soon, if you haven’t already, and a little later it will come to Kubuntu + Backports PPA. Distributions whose development model is Rolling Release will receive it in the next few hours.