Plasma 5.22.3

In early June, the KDE project released the latest major update to its graphical environment. They promised improved performance and users of KDE neon, Kubuntu + Backports PPA and Rolling Release distributions are already enjoying it. They also assured that it did not arrive with major bugs, but all software can be improved and two weeks ago they released v5.22.2 that removed the notice of ghost updates from Discover. Now, a few moments ago, they launched Plasma 5.22.3, and has done so with a few more fixes.

KDE has released the release note and the full list of novelties usual, but cannot be said to explain things in the best way in the unofficial notes. The list that you have below is present in Plasma 5.22.3, but it was provided by Nate Graham and he did it in a language that is easier to understand.

Plasma 5.22.3 Highlights

  • When running a Flatpak application in sandbox and switching to another, the popup asking us to approve the background activity no longer causes the xdg-desktop-portal process to crash.
  • In X11, the process that runs the Plasma logout screen no longer sometimes hangs when disappearing.
  • In the Plasma System Monitor, killing a process in tree view mode now kills the correct process.
  • System tray icons that use the xembedsniproxy process and implement context menus are no longer invisible.
  • The Plasma Audio Volume applet now consumes less CPU resources in the background.
  • The Media Player applet now removes an audio source from your audio source list immediately after it stops playing, rather than only after all audio sources have stopped playing.
  • Dialogs in GTK applications can now be moved correctly using a touch screen.
  • The KWin window manager no longer sometimes crashes when trying to render window thumbnails when compositing is disabled.
  • The System Preferences launch feedback page has been moved to the Appearance category.
  • Pressing the Meta + V shortcut to display the clipboard history in a pop-up menu no longer crashes Plasma when using certain multiscreen layouts.
  • In Wayland, window rules related to activities now work.
  • Also in Wayland, the activity switcher sidebar now always works.
  • In Wayland, cursors are no longer pixelated when drawn over a GTK application window while using a high DPI scaling factor.

Soon on your Linux distribution

The release of Plasma 5.22.3 it’s official for a few minutes, and that means that developers can now grab the code to add it to their distributions. The first to do it, logical because it is the operating system that most controls the KDE project, it will be KDE neon, soon it will also be received by users of Kubuntu + Backports PPA and soon after it will appear in Rolling Release distributions as Arch Linux.