Plasma 5.21.5

As scheduled, KDE has just released Plasma 5.21.5. This is the fifth and final maintenance update in this series, which as such has come to fix bugs. The new features will arrive as early as June, at which point the K project will launch the next series. As for what they have just delivered, it is a bit surprising that they have corrected quite a few bugs, or at least quite a few if we consider that it is a release that marks the end of life cycle (EOL) and that the series did not turn out so bad. like v5.20.

As usual, KDE has published two articles on this landing, one in which he tells us about it and another in which they facilitate the full list of changes. Also as usual, we provide a list of novelties unofficial, but it is included in Plasma 5.21.5, because Nate Graham from the KDE Project uses a more entertaining language and he himself considered them important enough to tell us about them on the weekends.

Highlights of Plasma 5.21.5

  • Fixed a way that KWin could crash with certain low-power integrated GPUs.
  • The maximized windows of GTK applications are no longer placed too high in the Plasma Wayland session.
  • Discover’s ability to show an app’s dependencies now works again.
  • Entering the password in the networking applet no longer causes the network list to reorganize as you type and sometimes sends the password to the wrong network.
  • The new Plasma System Monitor application no longer crashes when a new display style is selected for any of the sensors.
  • Sending files to Bluetooth devices from Dolphin now works again.
  • Discover redisplays firmware updates for eligible devices.
  • It is now possible to specify a user group for OpenConnect VPNs.
  • Long names on the Users page of System Preferences no longer overflow.
  • The Plasma Folder View widget (which handles desktop icons) now correctly calculates icon positions from the top left corner of the tallest screen, fixing several bugs.
  • Renaming items on the desktop using the keyboard shortcut (F2 by default) now works in case the icon has been selected using its little plus sign button that appears when hovering over it while using the default one-click mode.

Soon in KDE neon and Backports PPA

Plasma 5.21.5 has been officially released, which means that developers can now start working with their code. Soon, if you haven’t already, it will arrive in KDE neon, and later on in the KDE Backports repository. Systems using the Rolling Release development model will also receive the update relatively soon.