Plasma 5.21.4

Three weeks after the previous maintenance update, KDE He has launched Plasma 5.21.4. As a point version, it has come to fix bugs, and although they mention that everything works fine from the beginning, I personally upgraded to beta from Kubuntu 20.10 and see more bugs than I would like. I want to think it’s from upgrading, but I should be getting these packages soon, which might fix some unexpected shutdowns I’m experiencing. Although the truth is that the only annoying thing is the notification that something has gone wrong; It is not something I see.

As usual, KDE has published the two articles about this release, one to report its arrival and the other where they mention all the changes. Although there is a list of novelties Officially, it is not the best place to read in an entertaining way what has changed, so we decided to write what Nate Graham tells us on weekends, partly because he expresses himself better and partly because he considers them important himself.

Plasma 5.21.4 Highlights

  • The ForsiSSLVPN network manager plugin now works.
  • Unique keyboard layout settings in Plasma Wayland session no longer crash when loading your keyboard options and variants.
  • Task Manager entries for apps capable of displaying a numbered badge in the corner no longer sometimes nonsensically show a badge with the number zero on it.
  • Synchronizing your font size with the SDDM login screen now works in the case where the system is using its default font size, but that size differs from the default login screen font size.
  • Color scheme previews once again show the correct colors in the interior view section, and the preview is no longer sometimes cut off at the bottom.
  • In the new System Monitor app, the content on the right sidebar is no longer cut off sometimes.
  • The subtitle of Plasma Vaults items is now wrapped, so the following error is never removed before the useful part of the message can be printed.
  • Pasting saved Klipper text in GTK applications into Plasma Wayland session now works.
  • When applying a global theme to a new user, applet positions are no longer broken when logging in as that user a second time.
  • Assigning a color to one sensor in the new Plasma System Monitor app no ​​longer applies it incorrectly to everyone.

Plasma 5.21.4 It is now available, but right now it is only in code form. It’s coming to KDE neon soon, if you haven’t already, and probably Kubuntu 21.04 beta. In the next few days it will also reach distributions whose development model is Rolling Relase, but Kubuntu + Backports users will have to wait until next April 22, when the launch of Kubuntu 21.04 is official.