Plasma 5.21.3

As scheduled, the KDE project He has launched a few minutes ago Plasma 5.21.3. This is the third maintenance update of the v5.21 series of the famous graphical environment and, unlike the previous two, this time it has arrived around 3pm in Spain, which is the usual time. As a point version, it arrives without major changes and is here to fix a graphical environment that came out pretty well from the start.

KDE has published two posts about this release, one informing us that it has taken place and the other with the full list of news. In total, they have been introduced 84 changes, and then you have a selection of them. More specifically, the following list is an unofficial one that Nate Graham has given us in recent weekends, and is that the project developer uses a more entertaining, easy-to-understand language and, most importantly, he himself believes that they are news featured.

Plasma 5.21.3 Highlights

  • Bottom buttons on various pages of System Preferences are no longer sometimes cut off when using Plasma Mobile or using a system language with long text.
  • The new Plasma System Monitor app no ​​longer crashes sometimes after spending a long time minimized.
  • The “kill a process” dialog in the new Plasma System Monitor no longer suffers from a variety of minor visual glitches.
  • When using the new Plasma System Monitor application to get new styles of visual graphics, the resulting window is no longer ridiculously small.
  • System Monitor widgets now correctly update their titles to reflect user-initiated changes immediately after those changes are made.
  • The focus effect for buttons on lock, login, and logout screens now reappears correctly.
  • The menus of the GTK applications are again the same height as the menus of the KDE and Qt applications.
  • GTK applications using the new Libhandy library now display their top header bars at the correct height.
  • Fixed some issues in the global Breeze Dark theme that caused the expected splash screen and color scheme to not apply correctly.

The release of Plasma 5.21.3 it’s official, but right now it will only be coming to KDE neon, the project’s operating system. Other operating systems will add the new version in the coming weeks. Kubuntu + Backports users will have to wait a little longer, specifically for the launch of Hirsute Hippo which is scheduled for April 22.