First fixes for KDE Plasma 5.21

On February 16, KDE released Plasma 5.21. Apparently everything went quite well, and it is a version of the graphical environment without really serious glitches and with interesting functions, such as the new Kickoff and the new version of KSysGuard. After the release of a major version, the fixes come fast, so fast that the first point version arrives just a week later and the second fifteen days later, and that’s what they just delivered to us with the release of Plasma 5.21.2.

KDE has published the same old thing, that is, an entry talking about the launch and other mentioning all the changes. But neither of them is, or at least it doesn’t seem like it to me, the best option to find out about the most important changes. Yes, it is what Nate Graham told us during the weekend, and here you have an unofficial list with the most outstanding news that have arrived with Plasma 5.21.2.

Highlights of Plasma 5.21.2

  • They can now apply global themes, color schemes, cursor themes, plasma themes, and wallpapers from the command line, using some fancy new CLI tools with names like plasma-apply-colorscheme.
  • Key repeat is re-enabled by default now.
  • System Preferences no longer hangs when clearing history from Activities page.
  • Screens on the Display Settings page of System Preferences can be dragged back.
  • On the System Preferences icon page, the bottom row of buttons now moves buttons that don’t fit in the available space to an additional menu, which is useful in Plasma Mobile in particular.
  • Kickoff section headings, which consist of more than a single letter, are no longer capitalized.
  • Systray icons on very very thin panels should no longer be slightly blurry.
  • GTK header bar apps now display minimize / maximize / etc buttons. that match the rest of your apps, even when you’re using an Aurorae window decor theme.

Plasma 5.21.2 has already been released, but the only operating system that will have it available now or in a few minutes is KDE neon. The rest of us will still have to wait a few days, or a week. If you use Kubuntu + Backports PPA, we have to remember that it will not use Plasma 5.21 until the release of Kubuntu 21.04, the graphical environment that it will use by default.