Plasma 5.20.4

Today can be a great day for Kubuntu users. Or not. Well, what is certain is that the KDE project has launched Plasma 5.20.4, which is the fourth maintenance update in a series that came with many exciting new features, so many that this is probably why KDE neon ran into many problems and Kubuntu + Backports PPA users have not yet been able to install it.

In any case, the release of the update has already been announced, as you can see in this link. As a point or maintenance release, it arrives without new features, beyond bug fixes and performance and interface improvements. KDE Has published an article with all the new features, but personally I don’t like the new format, all the more reason to do what we usually do: put a news list that Nate Graham passed us by on weekends past.

Plasma 5.20.4 Highlights

  • The text on the system setup autostart page is correctly re-translated.
  • The Audio Volume applet pop-up window no longer sometimes shows an unknown device not working with the text “Device name not found”.
  • The Emoji Picker displays the Emoticons and Emotions category once again.
  • In a Plasma Wayland session, the “Resize” item in the title bar context menu now works in maximized windows.
  • People who had established a global shortcut for Color Night early in their development process will now see that it works again.
  • Various applications in Plasma Wayland Session no longer crash when trying to view font related things.
  • Double-clicking a user on the new Users page of System Preferences, or clicking one user after another, no longer causes the view to pile up with multiple user pages.
  • The System Preferences touchpad page no longer has a broken layout for right-click / center-click options sometimes when you open it.
  • Switching to the picture of the day on the Lock Screen Appearance page of System Preferences now always works.
  • The visual representation of window borders on the Window Decorations System Preferences page is now always accurate.
  • Dragging in the spin box used to determine panel height now always resizes the panel in the direction of the drag, even if the panel is on a top or right edge of the screen.
  • The magic lamp minimize effect now works correctly when minimizing a window in a task manager located on a Panel or Latte Dock that is offset from the edge of the screen by a few pixels.
  • Opening a System Preferences page from Kickoff or KRunner now displays the category sidebar if necessary when using icon view.
  • After applying a global theme, the currently used widget style is visually reselected on the Application Style page of System Preferences.
  • Discover can reinstall locally downloaded distribution package files (for example, .rpm and .deb files).
  • When right-clicking on something in the Kicker or Kickoff launcher menus now, the context menu appears instantly the first time.
  • On the Cursors page in System Preferences, the Available Cursor Sizes menu now shows those cursors at their actual sizes.

Will we finally see it in Kubuntu?

The million dollar question is: will we finally see Plasma 5.20 in Kubuntu the users who have added the KDE Backports repository? I do not know the answer, but something very ugly must be seeing the developers for not having done the “backport” yet. Therefore, I would not bet my money on it and I am more inclined to think that we will still have to wait a month for the release of Plasma 5.20.5, although I hope I am wrong.

As for other distributions, such as those that use the Rolling Release development model, the update will arrive in the next few days.