Pink whatsapp | Dangerous application that can hack your cell phone

They warn about pink WhatsApp, they point out that it is an app that hides malware that can leave you without access to your account and cell phone

Through the groups of WhatsApp a message has been viralized inviting users to download Pink whatsapp or WhatsApp in pink. However it was revealed that it is a malicious app that can hack your cell phone.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, cybersecurity researcher, warned via Twitter that downloading this version can be very dangerous, since it hides a malware that can leave you without access to your account and phone.

Whatsapp pink

The message promises that by download pink whatsapp users can not only change the color of the messaging app. But you can also enjoy new functions.

The invitation to change the color of the app comes through a message from a contact who invites them to modify their platform. But if the victim clicks, they receive a virus that makes them lose control of their smartphone.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia explained that it is a malware which is automatically downloaded to the device in the form of an APK. Once the app is installed it is camouflaged, so that it does not appear in the list of installed apps.

How does pink WhatsApp work?

Pink whatsapp It is an unofficial version that ends up being a hoax since people can completely lose access to their account and even to the mobile phone.

Once installed, it works in the background and can steal personal data from the phone, while sending messages to contacts to continue spreading.

WhatsApp pink malware

The expert recommended that users who have installed the app “uninstall the application and then unlink all web devices from WhatsApp. Then you must clear the browser cache and verify all the permissions of the applications installed on the cell phone ”.

Pink whatsapp it can be uninstalled through Settings / Settings and the Application Manager submenu. Or by installing a security solution to Android which will scan your device and remove malware automatically.

WhatsApp He asked his followers not to download any unofficial app. And he stressed that all new functions are always officially shared.

“Anyone can receive an unusual, atypical or suspicious message on any service, even by email, and whenever it happens we strongly advise people to use caution before responding or engaging. In WhatsApp in particular, we also recommend that users use the tools that we provide within the application to send us a report, report or block a contact “

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that a change in the color of the app has been used to deceive people. In 2015 emerged Blue whatsapp that launched questionnaires and subscribed users to paid services.


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